February 26, 2021

Piolin Bidco achieves 5.91% of Parques Reunidos in the OPA and eliminates its minimum acceptance requirement

Piolin BidCo, a company created by EQT (50.01%), Miles Capital (23.96%) and Alba Europe (26.03%) for its public share purchase offer (OPA) on Parques Reunidos, has bought 4, 7 million shares of the leisure group for 66.8 million euros, at a price of 14 euros per title, the same one offered in this operation.

With this acquisition, Piolin BidCo's stake in Parques Reunidos reaches 5.91% of the share capital, so the company has decided to eliminate the minimum acceptance condition established in its voluntary OPA, as reported by the company on Monday. National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

On April 26, Corporación Financiera Alba (through Alba Europe) and GBL (through Miles Capital) announced an agreement with the Swedish fund EQT to launch a takeover bid of 55.79% of Parques Reunidos at a rate of 14 euros per title.

The OPA, launched through the Piolin BidCo company, created by the bidders for the operation, it was subject to a minimum acceptance of 30.79% of the share capital, a condition that has been eliminated after Piolin BidCo reached 5.91% of Parques Reunidos.

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