March 9, 2021

Pinterest will debut on Wall Street with a price of $ 19 per share

Pinterest will debut on Wall Street with a price of $ 19 per share

The social network Pinterest, the popular "bulletin board" of the internet, will be released tomorrow Thursday on Wall Street with a price of 19 dollars per share, which will involve about 1,425 million dollars, the company unveiled on Wednesday.

Thus, Pinterest sets a price higher than the fork it valued last week in the last update of its brochure before the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), when the company estimated an interval between 15 and 17 dollars for your titles.

In spite of everything, with this price the company will obtain a lower valuation than the one received in its last private investment round, in 2017, which was 12,000 million at a cost of 21.54 dollars each of its shares.

At 19 dollars a share, the total valuation of the company will be around 10.27 billion dollars.

The technology based in San Francisco (California) will operate under the symbol "PINS" and will irrigate the New York Stock Exchange with 75 million Class A securities, while the 11 million reinforced Class B shares will remain in the possession of its founders, among others.

Pinterest, a social network famous for its food and fashion content, made its accounts public for the first time in its document before the SEC, where it indicated revenues of 755.9 million dollars in 2018, over 472.8 million. billed in 2017.

However, the company also reported losses of 62.9 million dollars last year.

This is one of the main weaknesses of their operation, as well as explaining to investors what they offer.

According to its SEC document, "Pinterest is the place where more than 250 million people around the world come for inspiration for their lives, discover ideas for anything you can think of."

Pinterest reached 265 million monthly active users in 2018, twice as many as it had just two years ago, and will count with the financial companies Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Allen & Company.

This company, which operates since 2010, will be the second "Unicorn" -a company valued at more than 1,000 million dollars before debuting in the parks- that enters into Wall Street this 2019.

The first was the on-demand transport firm Lyft, the main competitor of Uber, which started its quotation at the end of March, with a rather warm start for the generated expectations.

However, since he debuted on the New York Nasdaq has operated more days in red than in positive, with a start in which brushed the 88 dollars after setting a starting price of 72, but that today has deflated to the 57 dollars.


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