Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Pinterest goes public

Pinterest goes public

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Pinterest Inc., the company that owns the social network of the boards with images, will start sell their shares on the New York Stock Exchange this month. The company will sell 75 million shares at a price of between US $ 15 and US $ 17 per unit. With this, he expects to reach a valuation higher than 9,000 million US dollars. As shown by this statistic infographic, although Pinterest is one of the most unknown social networks and that attracts the least attention in the Western world, this sum 265 million monthly active users around the world, figure close to 321 million Twitter. In addition, the platform has experienced virtually uninterrupted growth since at least 2016.

How is Pinterest?

It can be said that it is the discrete network. On Pinterest nobody criticizes anyone, nor talk about politics nor publish images of doubtful taste. Pinterest is used to store images that you like, to plan how the decoration of your future home will be or to create sets of clothes for the week. Women between 25 and 54 are the users of this network.


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