Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Piñera wants the COP25 to have "demanding" and "enforceable" commitments

Piñera wants the COP25 to have "demanding" and "enforceable" commitments

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera said Monday that one of the great challenges of the Climate Summit of 2019 (COP25), which will be held in Santiago in December, is that the commitments to fight climate change are more demanding and required.

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"We are on the wrong track in terms of fighting, mitigating, mitigating and adapting to what climate change and global warming are, and we have to change the course of history," Piñera said in an activity at the Executive's headquarters.

The president headed the first meeting of the presidential committee of COP25, an entity formed by 27 authorities and experts who will collaborate in the organization of the event, which will take place from December 2 to 13.

Piñera considered that the commitments made in previous climate summits are insufficient and "are not enforceable enough", and assured that there is "many resistance" between the countries to set more ambitious goals.

"There is a lot of resistance, part of that resistance made the COP24 in Poland not as productive as expected," he said.

The Chilean president said he wants to introduce two specific issues to the agenda of the COP25: the protection of Antarctica and the care of the oceans.

The Antarctic, said Piñera, has 35 million square kilometers of surface, is one of the largest continents in the world and can "contribute to save the planet."

As for the oceans, the president stressed that these absorb 80% of carbon dioxide emissions and transform them into an inert substance that settles on the seabed, a situation that, he warned, is changing.

"Due to the increase in temperature, the oceans are starting to return CO2 to the atmosphere and they are losing their capacity to absorb, bad news," said Piñera, who wants the meeting in Chile to be remembered as the "COP Azul".

In the Chilean plan, the president listed several initiatives of his Government to protect the environment and fight against global warming, such as the commitment to reduce emissions by 30% until the year 2030.

"We know very well that Chile in this matter is a marginal contributor, less than 0.5% of the emissions come from our country, but in the end we all have a responsibility, some more, others less," he said.

In this regard, he stressed that "an important part of the party" is played in China and the United States, the two most polluting countries in the world.

Piñera recalled that Chile offered to host the COP25 after the refusal of Brazil, and tried to postpone the summit until January 2020, but ultimately failed.

He also indicated that the Government has already "identified" the venue that will host the meeting, one of the points that generated the greatest concern due to the impossibility of occupying the Espacio Riesco, a convention center that is usually used for high-profile events and large conventions. .

"All the logistical issues have already been resolved and we will soon report on this," he said.


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