December 5, 2020

Piñera signs a project that sets a minimum income of $ 475 in Chile

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, signed on Wednesday a bill that establishes a minimum income for workers of 350,000 pesos (about $ 475), one of the measures on the agenda that he launched in response to the social crisis.

It is a state subsidy that will benefit 540,000 vulnerable workers whose salaries exceed the minimum wage (301,000 pesos or $ 409) but do not reach 350,000 pesos.

"Almost all the beneficiaries of this State subsidy work in SMEs," Piñera said in a ceremony at the Executive headquarters, in which he stressed that this measure will have a "very important cost" for the fiscal coffers of some 190,000 million pesos (about 258 million dollars) the first year.

"With this we are responding with facts and not only with good intentions to what people have demanded so strongly," Piñera added.

The minimum guaranteed income is one of the points on the social agenda that Piñera presented last October 22, at the height of the social outbreak with violent protests and mass demonstrations that have left 20 dead and thousands injured. detained

The president's plan also includes raising pensions, reducing the salaries of parliamentarians, improving public health and stabilizing the prices of services such as electricity or the metro, among other measures.

Piñera said Wednesday that it is a "very vast" agenda that covers "very sensitive and highly demanded by Chileans", and will benefit more than 15 million citizens.

The president also referred to the violence that has been recorded for 20 days and has left thousands injured, both civilians and agents of the security forces, and ruled out that the Government is giving preferential treatment to Policemen injured in the unrest.

"There is no difference, just as we have visited the police and carabineras wounded in confrontations, also some ministers, and I will also do it personally, we will visit civilians who have been victims of violence during these last weeks," he said.

Piñera reiterated his "absolute respect" for human rights before the allegations of police abuses that have occurred since the beginning of the conflict, and stressed that cases of "excessive use of force" will be investigated by the Prosecutor's Office and tried by the courts .

"Let us not confuse the work of the Police and the Armed Forces of Chile, which within the Constitution assumed their duty and responsibility, with the fact that some of their members may have committed excesses, crimes, abuses or excessive use of force "he concluded.

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