July 24, 2021

Piñera presents state-of-the-art microbuses for the Chilean capital

Piñera presents state-of-the-art microbuses for the Chilean capital

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, presented today the new Euro-6 microbuses that will tour the Chilean capital and that will gradually relieve the dilapidated machines of the questioned Transantiago, in which the Executive has invested millions of dollars in its operation.

"A civilized country needs a public transport system of quality, insurance and that is also economic, clean and sustainable," the president said when presenting the first minibus of a fleet of 3,000 new generation.

In addition, Piñera stressed the incorporation of electromobility to the public transport system to the metropolitan region of Santiago.

"We will have circulating, very quickly, on the streets of Santiago, 200 electric buses, which will have quality standards as the Euro-6 buses."

According to Piñera, with these vehicles, Chile will become, after China, the second country with the largest number of electric buses in the world.

The president said that the initiative aims to replace "the infamous Transantiago", which officially started in February 2007, by a new public transport system that has been called "Transportation of the Third Millennium."

The president toured one of the new Euro-6 vehicles, which are equipped with cleaner technology and high efficiency in fuel consumption, which confirms the Government's efforts to continue advancing in the care of the environment.

"Soon we will have 3,000 microbuses with Euro-6 technology, that is, half of the buses that will travel through Santiago, will have a new technology, clean and of high quality," said the president, who in the presentation was accompanied by the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt.

The president also stressed that the new fleet has internal accessories that provide more comfort to users, such as USB ports, WiFi and air conditioning.

These characteristics will make it possible to take a significant step forward in the development of a new transportation system for Santiago, which will deliver certainties of time and a better quality for all its users, he added.


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