Piñera points to tourism as one of the main engines of Chilean development

Piñera points to tourism as one of the main engines of Chilean development

The Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, affirmed today that the tourism has become one of the "great motors" to reach the development in the country, during a meeting of the Federation of Tourism Companies of Chile (Fedetur)

"Tourism is and will continue to be, each day more, one of the great engines for our country to achieve its goal of achieving development, defeating poverty, achieving greater equality of opportunity, achieving greater social mobility," said the president. .

The Chilean president referred to foreign citizens visiting the South American country and called them "the best ambassadors" to attract more tourists to Chile.

"There is no better way to promote a country than when a person knew that country, was well treated, enjoyed, enriched, enlightened, because it is the best spokesman and the best ambassador to attract more people," said Piñera.

He also highlighted the positive contribution of this industry in Chilean society, since it means, according to Piñera, "the participation of women, SMEs and regions."

"Tourism is much more than any other industry, and that is something that we are promoting and seeking, because development must be comprehensive, inclusive and also sustainable," the president specified.

According to official data, the number of foreign visitors in Chile has grown at rates of 10% each year during the last decade, doubling the number of foreign tourists.

Only last year, according to data provided by the Presidency of Chile, the tourism sector generated revenues of 4.24 billion dollars.

As for domestic tourism, more than 25 million people were mobilized, 10 times more than 15 years ago, according to the same source.


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