Pineapple, potatoes and 'fogalera': the uncontrolled life of CEO Taishet Fuentes

Pineapple, potatoes and 'fogalera': the uncontrolled life of CEO Taishet Fuentes

Taishet Fuentes, in a file image. He was relieved at the head of the General Directorate of Livestock in June 2022. / c7

The audios investigated by the National Police show a weekend in a hotel in Fuerteventura | There are recordings of at least three more similar quotes

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Taishet Fuentes carried out procedures related to his position as General Director of Livestock
while talking to two prostitutes, he ate the dishes that they had prepared for lunch and made a break in the conversation to have another sexual encounter. This is reflected in the recordings held by the National Police since the mediator who gives his name to the alleged corruption case, Antonio Navarro, handed over to Judge Ángeles Lorenzo-Cáceres two mobile phones with dozens of hours of recordings, videos, photos and messages.

There is evidence of at least four meetings with similar characteristics that took place in different places and of which there is a sound and graphic record: one in the
hotel Salinas Fuerteventura; another in the Imperial Playa de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; a third in the Iguazú accommodation complex in Playa del Inglés and a fourth in the Victoria hotel in Madrid.

According to the police investigations sent to the judge, the costs of these prostitution services and accommodation ended up being paid by businessmen who came into contact with the network headed by the then deputy
Juan Bernardo Fuentes, Taishet's uncle, and who were seeking favorable treatment from the Canarian Government. Some also aspired to mediation from the request of the central Executive, with Juan Bernardo Fuentes himself and the General of the Civil Guard Francisco Espinosa as those in charge of moving those influences.

Taishet Fuentes was suddenly dismissed in June 2022. The official version was a loss of confidence and the desire to change management. To questions from José Miguel Barragán, leader of the Canary Islands Coalition, in this week's parliamentary plenary session, the Canarian president,
Angel Victor Torres, reiterated that he had not seen a video of Taishet Fuentes in a compromising attitude. Barragán asked which counselor the then director of the Canary Health Service had shown it to or had warned him of its existence. Barragán did not give the name of the adviser.

pina colada and potatoes

In one of the recordings, Taishet Fuentes can be heard perfectly in the company of Antonio Navarro and two women. It is about a meeting that took place in a hotel in Fuerteventura. At a certain moment, Navarro receives a call from a person
related to the distribution of agricultural products and he passes the phone to Fuentes. He ends up pointing out that he, via Navarro, will give him contacts for the promotion of "tropical pineapple from Agaete ['la mejor, que te cambas', se oye decir a Navarro] and black potato... yellow]. I move it and tonight you will have news of the products ».

"The person with whom you are speaking is the highest responsibility in the Canary Islands in the sector," emphasizes Navarro, who tells his interlocutor:
"Don't worry, the CEO is in charge of that."

Between efforts by the general manager, one of the prostitutes is heard asking: "And where is my gift?" «
Baby, sit down to eat», comments another of the diners. All this seasoned with notes from the general director and the mediator about "the hit" that they can give from the call received, since theoretically it would be a great investor. "Miracle, you didn't drink Agaete's coffee, with how famous it is becoming," suggests one of the young women.

"I start through that door at six," announces the general director of Livestock. «At six?», says the intermediary, «because you have twenty minutes of 'fogalera' left». After a brief discussion between the four of them about the time that Taishet Fuentes has left, he ends up getting up from the table and
he goes to a room with a prostitute. "Well come on!" Taishet Fuentes finally says, adding: "Oh, what pressure." "Take the wipes," one of the companions is heard to say.

The audio includes a conversation with another person about the price of the "gram".

In other recordings also in the possession of National Police agents, Navarro appears sending photos of prostitutes to both Taishet Fuentes and her uncle Juan Bernardo Fuentes. In judicial headquarters, the first has admitted these sexual contacts, while the second said that he had been deceived by Navarro in a hotel room in Madrid where they took
some photos of the deputy with a prostitute.