July 30, 2021

Pimpinela presents at ExpoMeloneras 'Brothers, the true story'

Pimpinela presents at ExpoMeloneras 'Brothers, the true story'

Burnet, the most popular Argentine musical duo of all time composed by brothers Lucía and Joaquín Galán, will arrive at ExpoMeloneras next Friday, October 26, at 9:30 p.m.s with his show "Brothers, the true story".

Since its beginnings in 1983, its particular interpretation of couple fights on topics like "Forget me and hit the back", "Tell me in front of her", "One more stupid" or "Bastard", led them to become the soundtrack of spite. With "Brothers, the real story", will offer to the Canarian public a review of his personal and professional life through a tour of his great successes and for the most outstanding songs of "Son todos iguales", his most recent album.

The artists will make known their childhood and adolescence between Argentina and Spain, as well as the transcendental relationship with his father and the struggle they faced as a family to help him in his illness, his mother's impulse to sing together, the beginnings of his artistic career, his personal relationships, the creation of his songs and the style that would lead them to their definitive consecration.

Based on his biographical book, this concert will not only thrill your fans, but all those who have grown up with their music, will reveal unpublished moments of his life through videos and photographs They will parade on a giant screen and give a framework to the story of their history. With music and voices in rigorous live, the idols of Latin music of the 90s will guarantee a first class international show.

Tickets can be purchased directly at this link, or at the box office up to an hour and a half before the concert.


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