March 1, 2021

Pilgrims and heroes

Sixty children who have been or are undergoing cancer treatment at the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga have made the pilgrimage to the French Way of St. James, which has led family members, volunteers and staff who accompanied them during the journey to describe them as "heroes" "

"These heroes, these wild children, finished the way and wanted to continue playing," said the section chief of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Mother and Child, José Camacho, who made the journey with the children during the ceremony. of delivery of recognitions to the pilgrims.

Camacho has assured that the health personnel of the expedition did not expect to be involved so emotionally, but that the children have ceased to be "the children of the fourth floor" to now know their name, their families or their experiences, which has made them frequent tears during the journey "but of emotion".

With the slogan "Always strong" of the late activist for the donation of marrow Pablo Ráez, remembered at various moments of the act, the hospital center that welcomes these "heroes" today recognized the pilgrims of the expedition with a special Compostela that they have picked up one by one, amid the applause of accomplices from their own companions on the way.

In total, 85 children have been part of this expedition for almost a week, among which are brothers and relatives of the patients and to whom parents, health personnel, members of the organizer Association of Volunteers of Children's Oncology (AVOI) have joined. ) and support staff, up to around two hundred people.

The managing director of the Regional Hospital of Malaga, of which the Maternal Child is a part, Víctor Baena, has described this achievement as "a feat that will remain in history" and has defined it as "rewarding", "exciting" and "human"

"With courage, perseverance and a lot of desire to live, we have given the elders a lesson on how to deal with problems," Baena said.

It has also influenced the learning that this journey has involved the president of AVOI, Juan Carmona, who has remembered how the children have not complained along the way, quite the contrary: many asked not to do it with crutches or wheelchairs that by their situation they could specify.

On the other hand, the pediatric oncologist Laura García has celebrated the end "so beautiful and exciting" that the adventure has had and has emphasized that what "really matters" is what they live day by day with the children.

"I have known many of you for more than ten years, we were walking and knew the lives and miracles of many of the families, remembering all the road they had to travel until they reached that road to Santiago," García said.

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