March 8, 2021

Pilar Rubio’s most harrowing challenge in ‘El Hormiguero’: “I need to breathe”

Pilar Rubio, in & # 039; El Hormiguero & # 039;

Pilar Rubio, in ‘El Hormiguero’

Pilar Rubio go every week to ‘The Hormiguero’ with a different challenge, however not all jeopardize their integrity. This Wednesday, the collaborator put on a wetsuit to Despite the fact that in 2019 he said that he would never wear one again after he had gone four minutes without breathing underwater.

His new challenge consisted of a test of escapism used by the US Marines in their training. Rubio got into a transparent box covered with water and closed by four padlocks that could only be opened with keys that he had to find on the ground … but blindly, since he had to put on some opaque glasses.

Before diving into the box, which only had a hole to take a breath on time, the Madrilenian warned that she could get disoriented by not seeing anything: “If I start to swallow water, I can’t go out, anything … I’m going to hit and you take me out, because something happens. “All this happened after in the previous rehearsal, Pilar was “confused“: “It was quite an overwhelming time“, expressed Pablo Motos before the astonished gaze of Michelle Jenner and Hugo Silva, guests of the night.

The tension on the set of the program was palpable, since with the first key he found he could not open any of the locks, until by repeating one of them he managed to open one. During the entire test, the collaborator he only took a breath three times, so the presenter had to ask him to calm down.

Finally the result was a success: “¡What claustrophobia, Pablo! I couldn’t find the key. Can’t you make them bigger? “Pilar complained between laughter but shocked. “Me I don’t know anyone like you“, said Pablo Motos, who showed his anguish when he saw that he had a key under one leg and another on his back.


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