Pilar Roig, Cristina Aristoy and Julieta XLF, winners of the'eWoman' Awards - La Provincia

Pilar Roig, Cristina Aristoy and Julieta XLF, winners of the'eWoman' Awards - La Provincia

Talent, professionalism, excellence, entrepreneurship, leadership, effort, success? always in the key of a woman. These are the characteristics that the professor and researcher Pilar Roig Picazo share; Cristina Aristoy, founder of the Singularu jewelry brand; and the urban artist Julieta XLF, winners of the eWoman Awards in the Professional Career categories byCaixabank, Online Business and Digital Art and RRSS.

The delivery of these awards, held yesterday in Madrid, put the finishing touch to the event circuit organized by Prensa Ibérica - the group to which LA PROVINCIA / DLP belongs - which during 2018 has toured 15 Spanish cities to recognize and reward the trajectory of women leaders.

In total, 57 women, awarded in their respective cities, opted for the three prizes with which Prensa Ibérica, through its media, wants to "expand, put a big loudspeaker to women and make every personal and professional story arrive. as far as possible, "stressed the host of the act.

For Las Palmas, they chose the national awards Mapi Quintana, director of Antena 3 TV in Canarias-Grupo Atresmedia; Ana Zabaleta, coach, online marketing consultant and founder of the digital portal Coach de la Empresaria; and María and Mercedes Sánchez Prada, creators of the digital magazine Cool Hunter Canarias.

In the same vein Irene Lanzaco, general director of Prensa Ibérica, said that "eWoman is a great meeting point to share, to recognize the merit of the entrepreneur woman, to advance in the culture of equality, to modernize our model of coexistence and to progress together as a society ".


Irene Lanzaco was commissioned to deliver the eWoman Digital Art and RRSS Award to Julieta XLF, an original urban artist whose postgraffiti murals, featuring colorful dolls, captivated the jury for their talent and sensitivity. The prize-winner went on stage and dedicated the prize to her family: "They have educated me freely and allowed me to grow up in this rebellion, it is important to give visibility to all those women who do not have it, that is why we are here, to continue fighting together With creativity, passion and perseverance we can invent a better world. "

Cristina Aristoy, founder of the Singularu jewelry brand, was the woman recognized in the Online Business category. "None of this would have been possible without the team behind it," said Aristoy, who thanked Prensa Ibérica and "all those who follow and buy in Singularu." The jury appreciated his tenacity and his entrepreneurial capacity to start up in 2015, when he was only 26 years old, a successful firm that today bills more than 3.5 million euros a year.

In the Professional Career category byCaixabank, the prize went to Pilar Roig Picazo, professor and researcher. "In 2015, she was named Number Academician of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos." Among her most important performances is the restoration of the dome of the Basilica de la Mare de Deu dels Desemparats or the recovery of the vault of the church of San Juan del Mercado, both in Valencia ". The winner, who could not attend, sent a video in which she praised the work of the other candidates: "I have learned a lot from all the brave women, they are also worthy of this prize".

"The women's revolution of the 21st century happens because we also design the world we want to live in. With your work you contribute to making our country better and you are a referent of society", said Paula Gómez-Angulo Amorós, General Director of the Woman of the Community of Madrid and in charge of closing the event.


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