Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Pilar Llop, a judge specialized in gender violence, will be the new president of the Senate

The judge Pilar Llop, specialized in gender violence, will be the next Chairwoman of the Senate, as the newspaper has advanced The country and has been able to confirm The vanguard from socialist sources. Llop, who made the leap to politics in 2015 and is a senator for Madrid, will be proposed by the PSOE to chair the upper house and everything indicates that it will replace Catalan Manuel Cruz in office Cruz, on the other hand, will assume “other important responsibilities”, according to his surroundings.

Who will be confirmed, if everything goes according to plan, will be the head of the PSC list for Barcelona, Meritxell Batet, as congressional president, so that the two main legislative institutions of the country will be run by women.

Next Tuesday, December 3, the constitution of the Courts of the XIV Legislature, arising from the elections of November 10, will take place, and in it both presidents will be elected.

Next Tuesday, December 3

Meritxell Batet will be confirmed as president of Congress

Pilar Llop, a woman from a humble family – the daughter of a taxi driver and a hairdresser – worked in the gender violence court number 5 in Madrid before starting to work in politics. In this sense, most of his working life has been developed in the judiciary, being a specialist in gender violence and international cooperation of the Administration of Justice.

In 2015, she made the leap to Madrid regional policy by being elected deputy of the tenth legislature of the Madrid Assembly within the socialist parliamentary group.

Pilar Llop

Pilar Llop

In 2018, when Sanchez became president, she was appointed delegate of the Government for Gender Violence, a position she held until April 2019 to be number two of Ángel Gabilondo (PSOE) in the Community of Madrid. Llop already appeared in the last regional elections as number eight in the Gabilondo candidacy for the Community of Madrid.

“Women have to participate (in politics) so that the world is not built by others, but that we are part of this change and this social development,” he said then in an interview with the Efe Agency, showing its obvious feminist character.

Gender Violence Specialist

Pilar Llop's election is a clear gesture towards the feminist movement

For its part, Manuel Cruz He has been involved since the first moment of the last legislature in a controversy about alleged plagiarism. Over the last few months, the ABC newspaper has repeatedly accused the professor of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona and a politician at the PSC of appropriating full paragraphs of manuals and other works of renowned philosophers without citing them for their research work. Although he, as well as the Government and the party have always defended the integrity of the leader and rejected such accusations, Cruz will not continue in office.

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