Piedra Pómez consulted his 33 years of experience on stage

That daily expression that doctors use to evaluate vocal vibrations and that lends the show its title is in turn a nod to the 33-year career of Piedra Pómez on stage, and that “they have passed in a sigh, in a kind de pis pas, finished off by a pandemic that nobody expected, "said the comedians yesterday during the presentation of Diga 33 ... Anniversary at the Cuyás Theater, where they will perform a single function on January 9, at 8:30 p.m., and where they have already hung the “everything sold” sign more than a week after the curtain goes up.


Thus, the framework of the coronavirus crisis resizes this "health tour in homage to our general practitioners or family doctors, never better said, who helped us grow by causing diseases sometimes to be reduced to nerves in the stomach or a adventure that our mothers knew how to handle ”, point out the comedians.

In this sense, both maintain that the trajectories of each person can be reconstructed through medical consultations that mark each of our vital stages, “from delivery, in the form of an obstetrician or midwife, through the pediatrician and the doctor of bedside, to the specialist of nose, throat, ear and other internal and external organs, we have been stumbling in our lives with a good number of medical specialties ". Thus, the only disciplines that will not take the tables within this role will be that of the plastic surgeon or forensic doctor, they pointed out, since Fefa and Siony prefer natural aging and, above all, many battles still await them to fight.

The show is the last of the first part of the season of the capital venue


Therefore, this show is instituted "as a form of complicity with the doctors who have accompanied us throughout our lives", which is nourished both by personal experiences and by third parties, interspersed with situations born of their unlimited imagination. And as for the space they dedicate to the pandemic itself in the dialogue, Piedra Pómez reaffirms its ability to print a turn of humor to any circumstance and resort to the saying: "Pandemic for today, hunger for tomorrow."

Thus, Piedra Pómez opens the next 2021 with the last show of the first part of the Cuyás season, which just a week later will kick off its second part with the play Los Niños, by L. Kirkwood, directed by David Serrano, next January 15. But this brooch and, at the same time, the beginning of the hand of Piedra Pómez on January 9 takes on special relevance because it is one of the assiduous and faithful groups in the Gran Canaria theater program.

This was recalled by the Minister of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Guacimara Medina, who, together with Gonzalo Ubani, artistic director of Cuyás, thanked the duo for celebrating their anniversary at the capital's theater, with a "version that seems different, interesting and funny".

The last performance of Piedra Pómez in this space took place in the Sala Insular de Teatro (SIT) with the show Telecuca, an acronym for Teleformación Cultural Canaria, where the couple offered the public a series of accelerated lessons on the island's cultural reality after the last political changes, with the help of its endearing characters Esther Colero and Heidi Honda.


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