Piccini saves Valencia and liquidates Huesca | sports

Piccini saves Valencia and liquidates Huesca | sports

Match ball for Marcelino. A goal by Portuguese right-back Cristiano Piccini, with his left leg, prevented a black Christmas at Valencia and eliminated Huesca (2-1). The play, the last of the game, ended with the local players lying on the ground releasing tension and the entire bench, with Marcelino at the head, invading the field and throwing himself on Piccini. Epic final in Mestalla, which did not prevent a new clinging to the box and the team. Before saving both, the zone of Curva Nord, for the first time in Laliga, sang "Marcelino resignation". The rest of the stands did not get hooked.

Questioned by the noble floor and at its most critical moment of popularity, Marcellin stretched his neck. Second victory in Mestalla in 17 league days against the bottom. In his castle of Mestalla, the Valencia he has only beaten Rayo Vallecano and the Huesca team. No flash triumph in the domestic championship. The Huesca, last in line, sees his salvation farther. Those of Francisco do not win from the first day of the championship. The stick of Mestalla, where they did not deserve to lose, will take in digesting it.

Dani Parejo, hitting on a semi-pass, put the ball into Barça's goal and opened the scoring. In the both was decisive Cheryshev. The Russian stole the ball from Miramón, who fell asleep, threw a wall with Santi Mina and threw the ball back over the appearance of Parejo, who scored a bit. The captain's first goal in play since April 2017, three seasons ago. The both awarded an aggressive and somewhat disorganized start of the Valencia before which the Huesca did not decompose. He resisted well the Aragonese guerrilla with problems in defense but brave in attack with Cucho battling with Garay and Diakhaby and with Ferreiro percutiendo on the right flank valencianista.

With Valencia generating arrivals and imagining, finally, a win, the Huesca, who fit well the coup, had the draw two minutes after the impact on his goal. A center side to the back of Piccini, who ate the Portuguese side combing the ball back, ended in a shot from Melero, previous control with the chest of the captain, who crashed into the chest of Neto, who covered the first post. The usual stop of the Brazilian goal, who holds the whole season to his team. This Sunday also held Garay, the most awake of the local defense. Marcelino's peloton relaxed after 1-0 and Huesca, without a goal, grew.

The goalkeepers are challenged to stops

The statistics reflect that Valencia hardly fits. His defense is the second least scored in the tournament with 13 goals, tied with Getafe, and only a goal behind Simeone's tank, which has made him 12. The feeling is that he concedes too much, defends badly and always highlights his good goalkeeper

The game went to rest with a paradón in the opposite goal. Santamaría, who was replacing Jovanovic, full of doubts throughout the course, took a hand of handball goalkeeper to deflect a header from Santi Mina at point-blank range. Parejo had attended from the corner. Then, the captain was about to convert an Olympic goal, but the ball fell on the crossbar.

Net on one side and Santamaría on the other challenged stops. The Brazilian, very alive, aborted with his chest again, outside the area, a damaging counter that mounted the Huesca with a long diagonal pass on the departure of Rivera. On the other side, Santamaría stretched to his right to send a corner kick Carlos Soler, who returned to play in the center after the injuries of Kondogbia and Coquelin.

The game was still uncontrolled and open. Carlos Soler committed a clumsiness in the area by holding Cucho. The penalty converted him into a goal by the Colombian striker, unleashing a storm of protests in the stands. Carlos Soler closed with a shot in the hands of Santamaría a brilliant center of Cheryshev. The canterano, protagonist in the final stretch, played a second penalty after a mistake by Parejo on the ball. Soler knocked down Longo but the VAR did not point out the maximum penalty. In a few final minutes of local confusion, Ferreira sent the ball to the crossbar and Piccini, on the last play of the game, scored the winning goal.

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