August 5, 2020

Physiotherapists claim their space – La Provincia

The Official College of Physiotherapists of the Canary Islands (COFC) has prepared, on the occasion of the celebration of World Physiotherapy Day this September 8th, an informative campaign in social networks and media so that the population knows the different fields of action that this discipline currently has and the pathologies that may have improvement with the appropriate physiotherapeutic treatment.

Although physiotherapy as a science encompasses much more, there are 15 different fields of action that have been sought from the collegiate organization in a year in which World Day will be dedicated universally to the chronic pain and to the role that the physical activity It has to help people handle it.

"The frequency of chronic pain in the adult population in Spain is very high. According to the latest epidemiological studies, approximately 17% of Spaniards suffer from chronic pain, a percentage that represents about 360,000 people in the Archipelago. This figure increases to 50% of the population in those over 65. And more than that, about 70% of patients surgically operated in our hospitals suffer from moderate to severe acute pain intensities at some time during their postoperative period, "says Carolina Mirpuri, a member of COFC Campaigns, Communication and Social Networks.

In addition, more than 50% of patients who attend Primary Care consultations for the first time, do so because of pain, which also represents a significant personal, social, family and work burden and, with it, a high health and social cost .

Physiotherapists of all specialties work in the treatment of pain, mainly acute pain. When the painful situation becomes chronic or is complicated excessively affected to the patient's quality of life and functioning, the patient must receive specialized treatment for the pain units, of which the physiotherapist must be part of according to the established in the standards of Quality of the Ministry of Health.

"That is why it seems important to us that in addition to talking about chronic pain in a generalized way, understanding that it is the one that lasts more than three months, let us know in a simple way the population when they can go to a physiotherapist and in what type of pathologies You can get help, "says Mirpuri.

The fields of action that will be highlighted in the next few days in the different online channels of the physiotherapists of the Canary Islands will be Neurological, Urogynecological Physiotherapy, Cardiovascular Physiotherapy, Respiratory, Pediatric, Geriatric or Gerontological Physiotherapy, Traumatology Physiotherapy and Orthopedics, Palliative Care and Oncology, Physioesthetics and Physiotherapy applied to Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, Ergonomic Physiotherapy, Rheumatology, Endocrinological Physiotherapy, Orofacial, Physiotherapy in Mental Health and Chronic Pain Treatment, and finally, the Sports.

The physiotherapists themselves will also have the possibility to listen to the latest advances of one of their most important tools, the Therapeutic Exercise, at the III International Congress of Physiotherapy that will take place from September 20 to 21 at the Iberostar Grand Mencey hotel in Santa Tenerife cross. An event that the College of Physiotherapists has organized in September to make it coincide with its world day.

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