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“Photography is an act of faith”

Isabel Steva (
) has reached wisdom. As she says, she had no choice: "At a certain age or you become wise or have Alzheimer's." Some advantage has reach 79 years with lucidity and experience.

Colita explains in the bar of Il Giardinetto that he began to photograph seriously when, by the hand of his friend Paco Revés, he discovered the gypsies of Barcelona. It was in the early sixties. She had a second-hand Pentax with a 50 mm lens. The first photograph she sold was of the bailaora
Carmen Amaya
Carmen Amaya herself. They became friends. Colita photographed the protagonists of the film The Tarantos (1962) and fell in love with flamenco. Remember that Amaya was "a beautiful animal, a panther … who lived in a beautifully wild way."

“Carmen Amaya was a beautiful animal, a panther”

Colita met Oriol Maspons, July UbiñaXavier Miserachs and Leopldo Pomés. He made reports and worked in the press. He faced Franco with sexy photographs. He had a good time photographing King Kong spending a weekend with two sisters and also portraying a nun giving himself pleasure with a sackcloth. He ended up at the police station. These photos may seem offensive from a feminist point of view, but Colita claims them within a pulse without quarter with Franco and the church. These images were intended to get the regime out of their boxes and he succeeded. "You had to have many eggs," he acknowledges now.

That battle, however, now that the years have passed, Colita believes that we have not left well fought. He says that "we have lost the battle" and argues his pessimism with the poor quality of the leaders and the poor state of culture in general.

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It was this precariousness of culture that in 2014 led Colita to give up the national photography prize.

When Colita reflects, and does it thoroughly, she shoots at discretion with blunt ideas that seem incumbent: "Politics is a fucking shit," "young people confuse pornography with humor," "there are ludopaths everywhere," "the The world goes to hell ”,“ I prefer animals to people ”and“ I better shut up because I’m prettier ”.

He has tried to adapt to digital photography but he doesn't like it. He considers that authentic photography “is the same as always”, that there is no color between a perfect digital copy and one on barite paper. The digital will be perfect and that is part of the problem because it is imperfections.

In front of the digital tools that allow to make fabulous images, she prefers the photography that is cooked in a laboratory. Explain that "the image is made or manufactured." If you do it you have an authentic photograph. If you make it, what you have is a perfect illustration. Hence the conclusion that "photography is an act of faith" because seeing the image you cannot know what is authentic and what is manufactured.

(Colita and one of his most famous portraits, that of Gabriel García Márquez who has a first edition of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' on his head. Colita sports the catalog of the retrospective he did in La Pedrera in 2014. The exhibition is titled 'Colita, because yes!')

Colita is a great portraitist. Just portray the people you want. Gabriel García Márquez, Orson Welles, Joan Manel Serrat, Terenci Moix, Jaime Gil de Biedma, Antonio Gades, Carmen Amaya, El Pat's rooster Y the happy pig they know very well.

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