April 14, 2021

Philips Morris wants the brand to produce electronic cigarettes

Philips Morris wants the brand to produce electronic cigarettes


Philip Morris International, the tobacco multinational behind Marlboro is immersed in giving a Copernican turn to your business and that the historic brand stop making cigarettes, to focus on other types of products such as electronics "as soon as possible," have reported several international media such as "Newsweek" or "EveningStandard." In particular, the tobacco group based in New York has announced that they had chosen to "do something really great".

The bet would be given by technologies like the IQOS that heats the tobacco but does not burn it. A product that is thought to potentially reduce the number of harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, although the results are not yet definitive.

Above all, Andre Calantzopoulos, CEO of Philip Morris International, has told Sky News that "if we stop selling cigarettes, some more will sell more because people buy them." In this sense, he has been skeptical when affirming that «I do not think that has an impact on public health or the health of the people ».

Calantzopoulos has ensured that the objective we have is «replace cigarettes as soon as possible, through better alternatives so that people continue to smoke ».


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