April 15, 2021

Philippe Cohen: "He wanted a woman of today to give her version of Tristan and Isolde" – The Province

Philippe Cohen: "He wanted a woman of today to give her version of Tristan and Isolde" - The Province

The director of Ballet of the Great Theater of Geneva, Philippe Cohen, recognizes that "I wanted a woman today to give her version of Tristan and Isolde". The head of the company made these statements during the presentation of this assembly that is represented this Friday and Saturday at 20.30, at the Cuyás Theater.

Cohen acknowledged that "I asked for the assignment in 2012 to Joélle Bouvier because she wanted me to be a strong woman, of character ", who adapted the opera of the genius of the Renaissance, after the success of her previous adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

"She spent three years preparing only the dramaturgy, music, etc. And she saw films from the 40s, 50s and 60s, but she was inspired by the scenographic works of the German composer's grandson, Wieland Wagner

Bouvier chose to transform some elements of history to make them more abstract, in order not to tell this story in a too narrative or realistic way. "To illustrate this epic drama, I have thought of a simple scenography, where a spiral staircase evokes a ship or a castle and a rope symbolizes the filter that irremediably binds lovers", according to the French dancer.

The work is expressed through a more dreamlike and metaphoric writing, from which emerge the main themes of the work: love, love deranged, betrayal, resentment and forgiveness. That is why, as Bouvier explains, "in the work, simple wooden planks remind us of the forest, a wall or a room, and the large blue fabrics, iridescent and in movement, are reminiscent of the waves in the sea. They suggest more than what they show. "

The cast is led by Madeline Wong, who plays Princess Isolda, and Geoffrey Van Dyck, who plays the young Tristan. Armando Gonzalez transforms himself into King Mark and Sara Shigenari is the Witness. The body of dance is completed by Yumi Aizawa, Céline Allain, Louise Bille, Ornella Capece, Diana Duarte, Léa Mercurol, Tiffany Pacheco, Mohana Rapin, Lysandra Van Heesewijk, Valentino Bertolini, Natan Bouzy, Zachary Clark, Xavier Juyon, Nathanäel Marie, Juan Pérez , Simone Repele, Sasha Riva and Nahuel Vega.

At prices ranging between 20 and 40 euros, tickets for the two functions of this show, scheduled on Friday and Saturday at 8.30 pm, are on sale through the usual channels available to the Cuyás Theater: the box office and the web www.teatrocuyas.com. In addition, there is a discount of 30 percent for groups of ten or more people.


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