April 20, 2021

Philip Morris reinforces its commitment to the electronic cigarette with the launch of two new models | Economy

Philip Morris reinforces its commitment to the electronic cigarette with the launch of two new models | Economy

The general director of the snuffbox Philip Morris International for Spain and Portugal, Enrique Jiménez, has presented two new models of devices that heat tobacco on Wednesday at the company's offices in Madrid. These are the IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI devices, which are already available in the Spanish market. This launch means reinforcing the group's commitment to the IQOS product range, that heat the tobacco instead of burning it and generate steam instead of smoke. The products contain nicotine. Jimenez announced during the presentation that the company has set the goal that 30% of its business volume comes from the sale of articles free of combustion in 2025.

The CEO has stressed that the company's goal is to Progressively replace conventional cigarettes by alternatives without combustion or smoke. "We want to offer adult smokers other ways of consuming less harmful tobacco," Jiménez said. The executive assured that the studies they have done show that the consumption of tobacco through the IQOS devices reduce harmful substances by 90%, although he has admitted that its use is not free of risks and that it is not intended for users who want to stop smoking. "If you do not want to suffer the harmful consequences of tobacco, it is best to leave it," Jiménez acknowledged.

During the presentation, Jiménez has shelled the innovations that have been included in the new models. For the development of these improvements, the opinion of the first IQOS consumers has been taken into account. According to the manager, the sensory experience of these products is similar to that of traditional cigarettes, with tobacco but without smoke or ash and with a reduced smell.

IQOS 3 is sold for a recommended retail price of 109 euros with a pocket charger and has a charging time that is 40 seconds faster, which allows to reduce the waiting time between uses. Its design is more ergonomic for a better adaptation to La Palma of the hand. The IQOS 3 MULTI model, which has a recommended sale price of 99 euros, allows up to 10 consecutive uses and it is not necessary to charge it after each use. These products are for sale in tobacconists and online in the store on-line by Philip Morris. "We have evaluated various alternatives for sale, but our marketing strategy is based on the tobacconist, which is the place where adult smokers go and where the dialogue is with a professional," he stressed.

The executive has indicated that the company has invested 15 years and 4,000 million euros in the development and research of these products. "My role in the company from now on is to accelerate the commercialization of these products in Spain," said Jiménez. When asked by the entrance of Juul in Spain, the US manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, Jiménez has replied that he is glad that the trend in the market to offer different alternatives to conventional cigarettes.

Jiménez has said to conclude that there is a need for a different regulation for electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco. "We ask for legislation that allows us to report both what they are and what they are not [los cigarros electrónicos] and we think that this legislation has to be different from that of conventional cigarettes so that we can adequately inform users, "he acknowledged.

IQOS was first marketed in Japan (Nagoya) and Italy (Milám) at the end of 2014. There are currently more than 6.6 million users worldwide distributed in the 44 countries in which they are marketed. In Spain, since its launch at the end of 2016, 175.00 devices have been sold.


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