July 7, 2020

Philip Morris opens his Iqos boutique in Madrid

From today, Spain joins the list of countries that have at least one boutique of Philip Morris intended for the sale of your flagship product, Iqos. In addition, the inauguration coincides with the third anniversary of the launch of this innovative and disruptive product in our country, where nearly 300,000 devices have been sold so far. According Enrique Jimenez, general director of Philip Morris in Spain and Portugal, this new store, located in one of the best locations in Madrid such as the confluence of Serrano and Goya streets, popularly known as the “golden mile”, demonstrates “our absolute commitment for the combustion-free alternatives and our willingness to let every interested smoker who passes through the center of the capital know the store firsthand and know what these products are and what they are not.

Designed by the Mach studio and managed and implemented by Ideagenia, it is an open and bright space characterized by a unique and exclusive design; of great simplicity and in which after a deep remodeling, care has been taken to the smallest detail. It is inspired by nature through the use of unique materials with the aim of creating a wellness space.

With a total area of ​​more than 300 square meters, the “flagship” shows the latest generation of Iqos devices and accessories, the technology that heats the tobacco instead of burning it. This store is designed for both new users and those adult smokers who are interested in knowing this new and better alternative to cigarettes. To this end, a scientific emission machine has been enabled, such as those used by the company in its R & D & I center in Switzerland, which allows us to observe the differences between the steam that is released when heating tobacco and the smoke coming from the combustion. Such heating leads to a 95% reduction in harmful substances with respect to the smoke generated during combustion.

With the opening of his flagship in Spain, Philip Morris chooses one of the main locations in the center of Madrid as he has already done in other capitals of the world. Specific, There are already 87 points of sale in prominent cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Seoul or Tokyo, to name a few. Iqos, which arises as a product of more than a decade of research and 6,000 million dollars of investment, began to be marketed at the end of 2014 in Nagoya (Japan) and Milan (Italy), and is currently available in more than 50 markets, to which the United States has just joined.

Philip Morris International (PMI) is driving a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and, ultimately, replace cigarettes with smoke-free products for the benefit of the entire society. Enrique Jiménez recalled that "the number one objective is that people do not smoke, but if they do not quit, it is necessary to provide alternatives that are clearly better than continuing to smoke."

This leading international company in the tobacco sector is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, smoke-free products, electronic devices and other items containing nicotine in markets outside the United States. The multinational is building a future based on a new category of smokeless products that, although not without risk, are a much more recommended option than continuing to smoke. Given the promising future that awaits in Spain, the workforce has been increased by 78%, more than 300 new jobs.

Until the end of September of this year, Philip Morris estimates that Approximately 8.8 million adult smokers worldwide have already quit smoking and have chosen to use their combustion-free devices. Unlike the conventional cigarette that reaches up to 800 degrees Celsius, heated tobacco acts in a strip that reaches 350 degrees, which eliminates a large part of the harmful substances that are generated throughout combustion.

Given the success expected for this newly inaugurated establishment, the general director of Philip Morris in Spain and Portugal revealed that "the opening of new outlets in the rest of the country is not ruled out," although he acknowledged that it is currently not a priority and that will only be carried out if the same market opportunities are presented as those offered by this Serrano Street location. Enrique Jiménez stressed the importance of the figure of the tobacconist and how this will remain as until now key in the commercialization of Iqos.

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