Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Philip Morris, Altadis and JTI will incur the fine of 36.7 million Competition

Philip Morris, Altadis and JTI will incur the fine of 36.7 million Competition

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The tobacco shops Philip Morris (Marlboro), Altadis (Fortuna) and JTI (Winston) will appeal the sanction that has been imposed by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) for a total amount of 36.7 million euros.

Altadis and JTI have advanced this decision on Monday to Efeagro, with which join Philip Morris, who spoke last Friday in a statement just a few hours after the Competition decision was published.

Specifically, the authorities have fined 15.3 million euros to Philip Morris, with 11.4 million euros to Altadis and 10 million euros to JTI, to which are added another 20.9 million to the wholesale distributor Logista.

The four companies have coincided in highlight your collaboration with Competition during the investigation phase and have added that they will appeal to the National Court. The CNMC itself stated that against this decision it is possible to file a contentious-administrative appeal before the National Court "within two months of the day following its notification".

The case goes back to mid-2017, when the CNMC iReported the opening of a disciplinary proceeding against the four big tobacco companiesthat operate in Spain and the distributor Logista after detecting "concerted practices and / or price agreements".

Initially included in the group of four tobacco shopsitish American Tobacco (BAT, whose star brand is Lucky Strike), which in a statement has shown its "satisfaction" that Competition has resolved not to impose any penalty: "BAT Spain is governed by a clear code of conduct and a regulatory compliance program that allows it to act in accordance with what is established in them ", the responsible ones have informed.


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