May 15, 2021

Phase 1 of the de-escalation in the Canary Islands: Arucas CF and UD Gua caress the ascent to the Third Division – La Provincia

The Canary Soccer Federation (FCF) plans to apply for Hispaniola to carry out up to five promotions from the provincial preferred to the Canarian group of Third, which will then be divided into two subgroups, so that the Arucas and the Guide would be in the corresponding to the province of Las Palmas. In this restructuring, eight more promotions are also requested in the youth category, so that these new teams join the two subgroups of 12 groups in which the current one of the National Youth League will be divided. Likewise, the promotion of four teams from the women’s favorites is proposed to include them in the Second Division autonomous group.

This claim by the FCF is the starting point for the reorganization of football at the regional level next season. The approval of the body that presides over Rubiales is understood to be viable, because these proposals are in line with the new organization of the aforementioned categories, sponsored by Hispaniola once the delegated commission approved the suspension of non-professional competitions.

The two Canarian provincial federations are very clear about the process, which involves knowing in which of them the vacancy occurs for promotion to Second B, which they would opt for through the playoff Express Marino, Tenisca, San Fernando and Tamaraceite – if it is not played it could be the first.

There are guaranteed promotions, such as those of Atlético Victoria and Guía, that would have gone up anyway. The Victoria acting as champion, because Tenerife C cannot make the leap, and the Guide, as the first classified of the Preferente from Gran Canaria. With both up, and without declines, the group would have 22. It is necessary to subtract the team that makes the jump to Second B. To compose even groups it is necessary that they also access Las Zocas and Arucas, both validated (if it is considered that the classification as it was is the official one). Both were in promotion, and the spirit of the remodeling at the national level points in the way of rewarding all the clubs that were in privileged positions.

There is a nuance. Las Zocas, before reaching the promotion against Arucas, would lack a first tie against Los Llanos. La Canaria proposes the promotion of both. The five would add 24, discounting the winner of the playoff to Second B. Of course, if Hispaniola only allows four promotions, then the chosen one would be the Los Llanos box, with the best percentage of points compared to Las Zocas.

The economic burden

Most of the 18 Third Division groups at the national level have asked the Spanish Federation to have two subgroups of 12 teams and not of 10. The adjustments of those who ascend from the Preferents, there being no vacancies due to descent, would be easier, but the material inconvenience arises. The Federation helps all the teams in the category, currently 360, with an amount of around 40,000 euros. Adding four more clubs to each group greatly increases the game. The same happens with the National Youth League. Each club is receiving aid of around 6,000 euros right now and the increase in groups would increase the amounts.


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