Pfizer ensures that in the laboratory a third dose of its vaccine neutralizes the omicron variant

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced this Wednesday that the antibodies obtained with its vaccine neutralize the omicron variant of the coronavirus when receiving the third dose.

Questions and answers to solve all the doubts about the vaccination of young children

Questions and answers to solve all the doubts about the vaccination of young children

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It has done it’s a statement in which he says that a laboratory study has shown that with this reinforcement puncture, the antibodies of those who receive it increase up to 25 times.

In the note, the pharmacist assures that a month after receiving that puncture, the antibodies obtained neutralize omicron to levels comparable to those observed against other wild variants in people with the complete vaccination schedule – two doses -.

Pfizer admits in the statement that two doses of its drug may not be enough to completely defeat this new variant, although it insists that as “the vast majority” of epitopes, certain parts of the virus are not affected by mutations in omicron. , vaccinated people “may still be protected against severe forms of the disease.”

Along these lines, a small preliminary study carried out in South Africa was pronounced on Tuesday, which suggested that the protection offered by the antibodies of a double dose of Pfizer’s vaccine is quite reduced but not totally canceled with the omicron variant. In addition, he pointed out, however, that those infected before and those vaccinated are more protected, since they retain “considerable immunity”.

The publication, based on the analysis of the effects of omicron on blood samples from 12 people previously vaccinated in South Africa with Pfizer-BioNTech’s anticovid solution, was carried out by specialists from the Africa Health Research Institute, AHRI).

The executive director of the institute, Willem Hanekom, pointed out that the “clinical implications” of these preliminary data have yet to be defined and specified that, although the most likely conclusion is that the existing formulas offer less protection against omicron, “vaccinologists agree that current vaccines still protect against serious illness and death. ”

While these data cannot be directly equated in terms of vaccine efficacy, the observed drop in antibody protection is 41 times greater for the omicron variant than for the parent coronavirus.


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