Pets, the other victims of domestic violence

The Fuenlabrada City Hall has announced that it will reserve places in the Animal Protection Center to welcome the pets of the victims of sexist violence and ensure that the pets don't be helpless.

This is contemplated in the collaboration agreement signed with VioPet, a project of the Ministry of Social Rights. The agreement has been signed by the mayor, Javier Ayala (PSOE), and the General Director of Animal Rights of the Ministry of Social Rights, Sergio Garcia.

Both have agreed on the importance of having these resources to Don't leave pets unattended "since there are many abused women who delay their decision to file a complaint for the welfare of their animals and because many times they are also abused."

The Fuenlabrada Police, specialists in rescuing nocturnal birds of prey... and all kinds of animals

The Animal Protection Center of the municipality will reserve places for emergencies and will establish a specific program for the Antón patrol of the Local Policeresponsible for the protection of animals.

In addition, a training program will be launched with the professionals who are part of the Gender Violence Table and awareness days will be organized on pets and gender violence.

The Fuenlabrada police investigate the owner of a dog with "extreme thinness" for the crime of animal abuse

The animals may also be welcomed by neighbors who volunteer to temporarily take care of the pets.