July 29, 2021

Petrobras Uruguay and union reach agreement and put an end to hunger strike

Petrobras Uruguay and union reach agreement and put an end to hunger strike

The Brazilian oil company Petrobras, owner of the Uruguayan company Montevideo Gas, and the Gas Union reached an agreement today, following a tripartite meeting with the government in Montevideo, which ended the hunger strike that workers have been carrying out for 25 days.

According to the agreement signed on Friday, it states that the 21 employees who were on unemployment insurance "will be reintegrated into the activity, each of them fulfilling two months of protection under said subsidy."

Also, it was established that the increase, corresponding to the year 2019, of the one-time food item will not be applied and that it will be operational in tripartite terms from now until December 31, so all trade union measures were suspended. .

In addition, the Executive Branch undertook to dialogue and negotiate labor issues, through the Ministry of Labor, and the service, through the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.

For its part, the Syndicate of Gas, which had threatened to occupy the facilities of the company case will not be able to reach an agreement today, expressed, through a statement, his thanks to all who supported their struggle.

"We want to express our deepest gratitude to the Uruguayan people, to the fraternal unions, to the social organizations, to the neighbors and to each one of the people who during these more than three weeks went through the tent (where they went on hunger strike) ( …) Together, shoulder to shoulder, is how the road to a more just and supportive society is made, "the letter explains.

Petrobras, which holds the MontevideoGas concession for seven more years, decided to request in 2017 an international arbitration to try to resolve the conflicts of its gas distributors in the southern country, generated by the high price it has to pay for imported Argentine gas. Uruguay and that it can not review its clients.


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