Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

'Petra', by Jaime Rosales, wins the Nantes Spanish Film Festival

‘Petra’, de Jaime Rosales, gana el Festival de cine español de Nantes

Petra, by Jaime Rosales, won on Sunday the Jules Verne Grand Prize and the Young Jury Prize of the Nantes Spanish Film Festival, in western France, who rewarded his mixture of "strength and intelligence" in the narrative of a tragedy.

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"It is a poetry that addresses the search for identity and the cruelty of intimate and family relationships, where what is not said and shown is as important as what it is," said the 29th edition of the film, which was inaugurated on 28 March and closed today.

The prize of the public distinguished Yuli, by Icíar Bollaín, and the prize for the best documentary was for "Notes for a movie of robberies", by León Siminiani, a film straddling the police, the social and the autobiographical, from which the jury praised his creativity.

"Journey to a mother's room", by Celia Rico, won the award for best debut film. The jury considered that this story "of today, simple and polite, confirms the talent of Lola Dueñas and reveals that of Anna Castillo", her two leading actresses.

The award for the best short film was for "A Family Story" by José Corral, and the documentary "El silencio de otros" by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar won the school jury, seduced by an "exciting" film, centered on the struggle of the victims of the Franco regime against impunity.

'Journey to a mother's room', by Celia Rico, won the award for best debut

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