July 4, 2020

Petit says he noticed “racism” in the dressing room of Barcelona

He played at the Barça club in the 2000/01 season and in 2015 he already denounced something similar for refusing to speak Catalan

Frenchman Emmanuel Petit, world champion with his country in 1998, played a season at Barcelona, ​​2000/01. In it part of Figo's money was invested and his transfer to Real Madrid. The blonde midfielder, in an interview with RMC, said he experienced "racism in the clubhouse." "Occasionally, although with some players quite frequently."

The footballer, who also played in Monaco, Arsenal and Chelsea, already spoke of racism in 2015, on the BBC. “When people arrived, they told me not to try to learn Spanish but Catalan and I told them I was in Spain. They said no, that I was in Catalonia. I ended up fed up. I understand that they feel identified, but that is very close to racism. I told them that I had come to play football, not to talk about politics or religion, ”he said. “I arrived at a time when there was a war between the Dutch players and the Catalans. The politics and nationalism that were felt in the locker room was too much for me, ”continued Petit, who also said that“ the coach (was Serra Ferrer) had no charisma to handle the situation. ”

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