Peterhansel achieves his first Dakar win in 2022, ahead of Sainz

The French Stéphane Peterhansel (Audi) took the tenth stage of the Dakar Rally, the first that this year, between Wadi Ad Dawasir and Bisha, a route that the Spanish Carlos Sainz (Audi) completed in second position and in which the leader of the general, the Qatari Nasser Al Attiyah (Toyota) maintained its wide lead of more than half an hour.

The 375-kilometer special was expected to be very fast, although with the danger of the numerous track crossings in the Saudi Arabian desert and Carlos Sainz went all out from the start.

The Madrilenian started sixth after Sebastien loeb (Bahrain Raid Xtreme) and attacked the stage win in the early stages of the special. As he passed kilometer 42, he had eight seconds over Peterhansel, with whom he was going to maintain a veteran pulse.

Sainz stayed in first position on the third-to-last stage at the 85 kilometer checkpoint, but his Audi teammate overtook him on the next stage, in which it took 21 seconds.

The Frenchman reached 128 kilometers of timed with fourteen seconds over the 'Matador' in a battle for victory that began to opt for the French between kilometer 170 and 213, already with a gap of 1.45 ".

At that time, Al Attiyah put Loeb into the fight for the general classification for more than a minute, but they practically rolled from wheel to wheel, with only two seconds ahead of the leader at the penultimate checkpoint (kilometer 252).

With victory resolved for Peterhansel and second place for Sainz, Loeb pressed in the final part of the route to put 1'25 "to the Qatari, although he remains in the general classification at 32'40 "in the absence of two days of competition.

The argentinor Orlando Newfoundland (Bahrain Raid Xtreme), who won the sixth stage and is third overall, reached the podium in the tenth when he snatched it from the South African Henk Lategan, winner of the fifth day of the Dakar.

Carlos Sainz. EFE

Top five finishers of the tenth stage:

1. Stéphane Peterhansel (FRA-Audi) 2h52'43 "

2. Carlos Sainz (ESP-Audi) at 2'06 "

3. Orlando Terranova (ARG-Bahrain Raid Xtreme) at 3'59 "

4. Henk Lategan (ZAF-Toyota) at 4'11 "

5. Sebastien Loeb (FRA-Bahrain Raid Xtreme) at 4'25 ”.

Price wins, Barreda makes podium in motorcycles

As for motorcycles, it was the Australian Toby Price (KTM) who won the tenth stage of the Dakar Rally, between Wadi Ad Dawasir and Bisha, in which the Spanish Joan Barreda (Honda) finished on the podium after having been at the forefront of the test, the French Adrien van beveren (Yamaha) came out leader and the Argentine Kevin Benavides (KTM) had to leave.

Price, winner of the Dakar in 2016 and 2019, had a groundbreaking stage, which began with Joan Barreda dominating and which left 'touched' the Austrian Mathías Walkner (KTM) and the British Sam sunderland (GasGas), who came first and second overall and are now fifth and third, respectively.

The Chilean Pablo Quintanilla (Honda), tenth on Wednesday's stage, is second in the Dakar classification at 4'15 "behind Van Beveren.

A great start to the special put Barreda at the head of the stage, who had seven seconds over Kevin Benavides at kilometer 42, with the same time as the Pole Maciej Giemza, who was surprising at that point.

6th at 85 kilometers, this time with 12 seconds of income over the Chilean Nacho Cornejo, who had won on Tuesday, 18 compared to Benavides and 23 compared to the leader on the tenth date, the Austrian Matthias Walkner.

The one from Torreblanca also led at kilometer 128, with Walkner on the prowl (21 seconds). 'Banh Bang' extended to 39 the distance with Cornejo and 47 with respect to the current champion.

He had to abandon five kilometers later, at 133. He said goodbye to his title options due to a "mechanical" problem, according to the organization.

In the desert, Barreda opened more gap and already had 1'01 "on Quintanilla, 1" 11 "on Cornejo and 1'32" on Walkner at 170 kilometers of timed.


However, problems appeared for the Spaniard, who after the neutralized section gave up five minutes and fell to fifteenth place.

Pablo Quintanilla was the leader of the stage at kilometer 213, with 22 seconds over Price and 1'29 "compared to Walkner, who opened the track and advanced safely until then.

Barreda regained ground and cut one minute towards kilometer 258, in which Price led with 32 seconds over Quintanilla and 1'24 "over Sunderland. Walkner was already 2'42" over the head, but kept the lead at that point with 54 seconds over Sunderland.

As he passed through 327, Price kept the same, although with Quintanilla closer (20 seconds away) and Luciano Benavides at 1'35 ". Sunderland was fourth at 1'50", Barreda was at 3'53 "in full comeback (seventh) and Walkner was deflated: he lost 7'44 ", almost six minutes compared to the British. Second setback for KTM after the abandonment of the champion.

In goal, Barreda climbed to third place on the stage, 3:21 behind Price and just over a minute behind Luciano Benavides, while Quintanilla slumped to tenth place, Walkner was almost 16 minutes behind the lead and Sunderland lost 11'18 ".

The end was sensational for Santolino from Salamanca, who finished in fifth position at 5:40 behind the winner and is eleventh overall, in which Sunderland maintains the podium behind Van Beveren and Quintanilla; Walkner is now fifth.

Top five finishers of the tenth stage:

1.Toby Price (AUS-KTM) 3h5'32 "

2. Luciano Benavides (ARG-Husqvarna) at 2'09 "

3. Joan Barreda (ESP-Honda) at 3'21 "

4- Adrien van Beveren (FRS-Yamaha) at 3'35

5- Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco) at 5'40 ".


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