Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Peter Handke: a risky writer

Poet, playwright, essayist and novelist, Peter Handke has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature thanks, among other things, to a rich career and bibliography. He started in the world of writing from a young age, because it belonged to groups of writers and, thanks to three theatrical works – "Gaspar", "Insults to the public" and "The pupil wants to be a tutor" – he was consecrated early on in the drama of the avant-garde, through a style with clear trend towards experimentalism.

In 1966 he wrote his first novel, "Los hornets", and it was in Paris – he settled in 1970 – when his work began to stand out. Austrian Handke's work revolves around loneliness and lack of communication, as well as using isolated, distressed and immersed characters in existential problems. An example of this are some of his most famous titles: "Essay on fatigue" or "Fear of the goalkeeper before the penalty". In addition, a trip to the United States was decisive in his career, experience from which he extracted the story "Slow return" (1979) and from which his narrative experience became a personal discourse, risky. In the following years he published "The Doctrine of the Sainte-Victoire", "For the Peoples" and "History of Children" and, after the nineties, he wrote a series of short works, such as "Essay on juke-box" or " Rehearsal about the day achieved ”.

How Film scriptwriter has made "The left-handed woman" and "The absence", as well as collaborated with Wim Wenders in "False movement" or "Heaven over Berlin". On the other hand, he has authored important translations to authors such as Esquilo, Emmanuel Bove, René Char, Jean Genet, Julien Green or William Shakespeare.

Stresses in his work the time of the Balkan Wars, in 1990, at which time Handke opposed NATO attacks on Belgrade (1999). It was then that he wrote works such as "A winter trip to the Danube, Save, Morava and Drina rivers" or "Justice for Serbia".

Now, the Nobel Prize for Literature that he has won with Olga Tokarczuk joins several other awards he has received, as is Franz Kafka or Obie.

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