July 27, 2021

Peter Doherty arrested for buying cocaine in the streets of Paris

Libertines vocalist Pete Doherty was arrested after French police saw him buying cocaine in the streets of Paris. He was arrested after he was found with two grams of the Class A drug in his possession, according to the French publication "Le Point."

According to agents' reports, Doherty, 40, was found buying drugs at 3 in the morning of November 8 in the French district of Pigalle. The agents arrested him "under the influence of drugs and alcohol," according to the "Daily Mirror." The charge they are charged with is the acquisition of narcotics. During the arrest he did not immediately follow orders and resisted entering the patrol car.

The British publication suggests that there is a recording of the events, signed by local residents and bystanders who recognized the singer. Last month, a judge banned Doherty from driving after being shot committing speed violations four different times. The musician blamed it on a broken dashboard light, since he claimed he couldn't see how fast it was going. He also had to pay a fine of 9,200 pounds, 2,300 for each crime, after it was learned that he already had nine penalty points on his card.

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