PETA sparks controversy with a fake clothing brand made from human skin

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA, for its acronym in English) has launched a false campaign of advertising from a collection of a clothing brand that supposedly manufactured clothing with human skin.

In this campaign, PETA protests against the use of animal skin in the fashion and points directly to the brand Urban Outfitters, which he parodies with the name of his fake clothing firm, Urban Outraged (urban outraged).

The objective of this campaign is raise awareness about the consumption of garments made with animal fur and skin, and tries to sow doubt among visitors to its fake website why it is considered acceptable to use an animal's skin if it would not be allowed to use that of humans.

"If Urban Outfitters used humans the same way it uses other animals, this is what it would look like. Our new online store shows exactly why we demand the company to remove all materials of animal origin ", they shared in a post in Twitter. The message was accompanied by a 'promotional' video showing clothing items made with skin and teeth and stained blood human.

In the fake web store, bags, dresses, accessories, skirts and pants made with human elements are offered. "Humans make us who we are" is their promotional slogan.

"PETA has been asking Urban Outfitters brands, including Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters, to stop selling cruel animal-derived materials. To cows the skin is torn off to make leather, holds on to birds while handfuls of feathers are plucked from their sensitive skin, and workers often beat and mutilate sheep, but brands refuse to act, "PETA requests on its website.


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