Peruvian construction company will benefit from effective collaboration in the Odebrecht case

The Peruvian construction company Graña y Montero (GYM) will use the figure of effective collaboration in the investigation of the corruption scandal of the Brazilian company Odebrecht, with which it was a partner in several works, including the South Peruvian Gas Pipeline, the Superintendence of the Stock market.

The general corporate manager of Graña y Montero, Luis Francisco Díaz, reported the preliminary agreement with the Office of the Prosecutor and the Office of the Superintendent of the Securities Market (SMV), according to a statement released on the entity’s website.

The effective collaboration, for which they undertake to deliver relevant information and testimonies, will also extend to their involvement in the case of the “Construction Club”, another corruption investigation involving firms that were awarded major infrastructure works in the country.

The collaboration agreement will be signed within a maximum period of 60 days with prosecutor Germán Juárez, who heads the investigation, and with ad hoc attorney Jorge Ramírez.

The company GYM said that it was agreed to lift the confidentiality of the company’s identity as an aspiring effective collaborator, but that the reservation will be maintained with respect to the other aspects of the process.

As a result of this preliminary agreement, Graña y Montero has given up the request for arbitration before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (CADI) to recover the investment made in the South Peruvian Gas Pipeline, a work that has been suspended since Lava Jato scandal was uncovered.

The Gas Pipeline project was tendered in the Government of Ollanta Humala (2011-2016), who is currently under investigation, along with his wife Nadine Heredia, for allegedly receiving a millionaire bribe from Odebrecht to win this tender, in consortium with GYM and Enagás from Spain.

The Peruvian company said that the signing of this preliminary agreement represents “a clear sign of being close to being able to close the legal fronts that it has had to face in the cases related to Lava Jato and the Construction Club.”

Graña y Montero was also one of Odebrecht’s consortiums in the construction of Line 1 of the Lima Metro during the second government of the late former president Alan García (2006-2011), who was investigated for money laundering when he committed suicide to avoid being stopped by this case.

The Peruvian company clarified, last April, that it did not pay bribes or bribes for Line 1 of the Lima Metro, but that Odebrecht asked for a refund of three million dollars for its participation in that work.


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