March 9, 2021

Peru will ask the Lima Group to break diplomatic relations with Venezuela

Peru will ask the Lima Group to break diplomatic relations with Venezuela

The Government of Peru will propose to the Group of Lima, in the next meeting to be held in January, "the rupture of diplomatic relations with Venezuela," announced today its Foreign Minister, Néstor Popolizio.

During a meeting with the correspondents of the Foreign Press Association in Peru (APEP), Popolizio said that, as the Lima Group did not recognize the presidential elections last May in Venezuela, which Nicolás Maduro won, "the natural consequence is the rupture of diplomatic relations with Venezuela. "

"It is a proposal that we will make as a group, and we will see which countries agree to do this," said the Peruvian foreign minister.

Peru will also propose to the Lima Group, which includes Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Saint Lucia, a series of immigration, political and financial measures against the regime of Maduro.

"As the only thing we have recognized as a representative authority is the National Assembly, which was democratically elected by Venezuelans, we are going to propose that financial measures be coordinated with this one," explained Popolizio.

Peru will also request the imposition of a measure similar to that adopted by the United States, which prohibits the admission of the Venezuelan regime to its territory, "so that they know that in no country of the Lima Group will they be welcome," the foreign minister said. .

The Peruvian minister admitted that "he is not sure that everyone can or will agree with the measures that are proposed," but he estimated that some of them will be applied.

He asserted that the objective of Peru is to have "an important international reaction" that "press and generate a mobilization of the opposition and succeed in establishing a mechanism for the transition in Venezuela and the end of the Maduro regime".

Popolizio recalled that Peru, which so far hosts some 600,000 Venezuelans, is one of the most host countries of the exodus of that nation, so the various sectors involved in the Government seek to prevent social problems as acts of discrimination or crimes such as It's about people.

The foreign minister said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has so far received refuge requests from 140,000 Venezuelans, although only 1,000 of these were approved.

"In the vast majority of cases it has been proven that the applicants are not subject to being granted shelters," he said after ruling out that the measure involves a bureaucratic issue or lack of resources.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than three million Venezuelans have emigrated from their country and the migratory flow continues to increase. Of that total, two and a half million are between Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.


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