March 1, 2021

Peru warns of new explosions in the Ubinas volcano due to the accumulation of gases

The Ubinas volcano, in southern Peru, may present new explosions in the coming hours, such as those that left thousands of people affected this month by the accumulation of gases due to the presence of a lava body, the Geological Institute warned on Wednesday, Mining and Metallurgist (Ingemmet).

The volcano intensified its activity in recent weeks and on July 19 it had a great explosion in which it launched fragments of volcanic material over 200 kilometers, reaching Bolivia and leaving some 30,000 people affected in the south of the country.

The Vulcanological Observatory of Ingemmet reported in a press release that "the occurrence of new explosions in the Ubinas volcano is planned for the next hours or days."

With the use of satellite images the experts of the Observatory found thermal anomalies at the edges of the volcano's crater which means "the presence of a lava body approximately 180 meters in diameter at the base of the crater."

That presence of lava would be "hampering the emission of gases and ashes," the official source added.

As the gases accumulate inside the volcano there will be a new eruption with the fragmentation of said lava "that will be thrown into blocks within a radius of approximately two to three kilometers from the crater."

This event would also produce significant ash emissions that will affect areas located within a 30-kilometer radius around the volcano.

After the last volcanic explosions of Ubinas in this month, it currently emits bluish gases that have reached heights of up to 2,000 meters above the top of the volcano, but there are no new reports of ash fall in nearby towns, Ingemmet said.

The top of the Ubinas volcano is 5,470 meters above sea level, in the Moquegua region, and its eruptive activity began a couple of months ago with the emission of ash, a situation that can last between two and four years, according to experts .

As a result of this situation, the Peruvian Government declared a dozen districts in the Moquegua, Arequipa, Puno and Tacna regions in emergency, and mobilized aid brigades to evacuate the population closest to the crater, install tents and distribute food

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