December 5, 2020

Peru retakes copper exports from Matarani port after overcoming a blockade

Peru resumed its copper exports from the port of Matarani, which for almost three weeks was blocked by protesters opposed to the exploitation of the Tía María copper mine, whose license has been suspended by the Government due to the escalation of tension in the area.

Copper shipments from Matarani resumed just after the Executive reversed the permit granted weeks ago, the National Port Authority (APN) reported Monday.

The blockade forced the government last week to send a contingent of soldiers to reopen peacefully the roads and railways where trucks and trains that bring the ore to the port pass.

In Matarani almost half (49%) of Peru's copper exports are shipped, valued at almost 15,000 million dollars in 2018, which represented 52% of total mineral shipments from Peru and 31% of total National exports.

It is in this terminal where the copper concentrate extracted from nearby mines is shipped, including the largest copper farms in the country, such as Cerro Verde and Las Bambas, in addition to Antapaccay.

From this port should also leave Tía María's mineral, in charge of Southern Copper, of the Mexico Group, whose construction has been paralyzed since 2015 by the strong opposition of the farmers of the Tambo Valley, who fear that mining activity may contaminate the water For your fields.

A series of massive protests ended with three deaths in 2015 and since then Southern is waiting for lower hostility in the area to begin executing this project whose investment is estimated at about 1.5 billion dollars.

The Tía María mine is located in the province of Islay, in the southern region of Arequipa, about 900 kilometers south of the capital of the country Lima.

In the neighboring region of Moquegua, an indefinite strike against the Quellaveco copper project, in charge of British mining company Anglo American for alleged breaches of agreements between the company and the local population, has been accepted since Monday.

Anglo American said in a statement that it is complying with everything agreed in terms of hiring local labor, investment in training and education, and care for the environment.

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