Peru rejects the accusations of the Maduro government about xenophobia to Venezuelans

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry rejected Sunday the accusations of the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro that the Peruvian State has been "executing or tolerating" acts of xenophobia.

Through a statement, the Peruvian government described these accusations as "unfounded" and said that the only person responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela is the illegitimate and dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro.

The document also ensures that Peru, having welcomed more than 850,000 Venezuelan citizens, has renewed its "traditional State policy for the promotion and defense of human rights without discrimination. Therefore, the Government of Peru condemns without exception any form of xenophobia. "

He also noted that Peru is a multicultural country that "has integrated migrants from different backgrounds into its national life" and that "more than three million Peruvians reside abroad," so "the national authorities always direct their best efforts to facilitate an orderly and safe migration. "

The note also said that the Peruvian government "maintains permanent contact with the legitimate authorities of Venezuela on this and all issues related to the bilateral relationship."

The Government of Nicolás Maduro said on Sunday, in a statement from his Foreign Ministry, his "most resounding repudiation of the acts of xenophobia, aggression and persecution" that he said have suffered some Venezuelan emigrants on Peruvian soil and accused the Peruvian authorities of allowing and Commit those attacks.

The text of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that these "shameful and inhuman acts" are "permitted or committed by authorities of the Government of Peru and instigated by hate campaigns against the Venezuelan gentilicio."

Venezuela denounced that the Peruvian government violates and breaches its international responsibilities "by promoting and allowing acts of segregation and xenophobia against citizens who have exercised their legitimate right to human mobility."

According to the Foreign Ministry of the South American country, these actions that qualify as "unworthy" are part of the "plan of aggression against Venezuela, instigated by several racist governments in the region, in line with the Venezuelan coup opposition."

Peru is the second country in the region where more Venezuelan citizens have settled, only surpassed by Colombia, with about one million.

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