Peru passes the million tests and the more than 155,000 cases of COVID-19

Peru passed the million discard tests of COVID-19, with more than 48,000 carried out on Friday, which have confirmed that the number of cases rose to 155,671, according to the Peruvian president, Martín Vizcarra, in a press conference from Government palace.

In his usual report on the state of the pandemic in the country and the measures taken to combat it, Vizcarra stated that "the number of positive tests should not be viewed with concern because this is part of the consequence of the large number of tests carried out every day "

He recalled that at the beginning of the disease the capacity of the Peruvian health system was to process 350 tests a day, then it went up to 1,000 daily and at present it seeks to have an average of 30,000 tests a day.

"When we increase the number of tests, the number of positive people increases," said the president.

According to the last official report, the number of deceased rose to 4,371 and the number of hospitalized patients amounts to 8,465.


The discarding of the disease has also been carried out in some areas considered sources of contagion, such as markets in the districts of La Victoria, San Juan de Miraflores, Ate and Callao, where the average number of cases detected was between 50% and 60%, according to indicated the head of state.

"Then the bus stops, where it has been found between 15 and 30 percent contagion, but it is more risky than the markets, because the one who is at a stop is going to move several kilometers and is moving the virus," said Vizcarra .

This Saturday a control was carried out among the drivers of the cargo trucks, where 18% tested positive for the disease, he said.

Regarding hospital capacity, Vizcarra said that there are currently 12,000 beds available for patients with COVID-19, of which 8,000 are occupied with patients, but that the Ministry of Health works to have 20,000 beds at the end of June.

Likewise, in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) there are 1,200 beds, but the goal is to reach 2,000 by the end of June.


"But, where do we get the new beds? We have to build hospitals with rapid infrastructure and apply models such as the one in the Villa Panamericana towers, where there are 1,400 beds," said the president regarding the sports complex built last year.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Víctor Zamora, assured that "every day we make efforts to add hospital beds and ICUs" and that now they are going to displace 5,000 teams of professionals to reach the homes, especially in the populous San Juan de Lurigancho district, to give primary care and avoid hospitalizations.

Vizcarra indicated that to date more than 65,000 patients have been discharged, such as the Minister of Agriculture, Jorge Luis Montenegro, who today returned to work, which means that 42% of cases have exceeded the disease.

The president noted that 30% of the cases detected in the country are asymptomatic, but that there is a "small percentage that is vulnerable" due to previous conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

He urged the population to show "solidarity, union, faith and commitment to get ahead" of this emergency.


One of the last measures adopted by the Government to attend to the victims of the pandemic has been an emergency decree by which the officials of the Executive Power will make a contribution of their monthly remuneration in favor of the relatives of the doctors and health personnel. deceased by the coronavirus.

Vizcarra indicated that this measure represents "an amount of around 8 million soles (2.3 million dollars), which we want to go to the relatives of the deceased health personnel carrying out their work, affected by COVID, giving their lives for saving lives. "

He asked that this initiative be replicated among the servers of the Legislative and Judicial Power, among other organizations, which even have "much higher remuneration levels" than those received by the Executive.


On the other hand, the president ratified his "commitment to all Peruvians" to deliver "the mandate on July 28, 2021 to the new president, man or woman, that you freely and democratically choose."

"I am a Democrat who keeps his word," he said, asking Congress to meet the deadlines for completing political reform and calling for the electoral process next year.

"This process cannot be postponed, it must be carried out within the terms established by the Constitution, we ask Congress to comply with this process to ensure that on July 28, 2021, the year of the Bicentennial of Independence, we have new authorities such as also new congressmen, "he said.

Likewise, Vizcarra greeted the vote of confidence given by the Legislature to the cabinet chaired by Vicente Zeballos and stressed that in that plenary session, held on Thursday, "good sense and the will to work for Peru prevailed."

"We have said it previously, this is a government that is not without errors or inefficiencies, that we commit, but we have a sufficient level of self-criticism," he said.


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