Peru investigates the death of an adviser of a congressman investigated for corruption

Peru investigates the death of an adviser of a congressman investigated for corruption

The Prosecutor's Office of Peru opened an investigation on Wednesday into the death of an adviser to Congressman Hector Becerril, spokesman for the Fujimorist Popular Force, which is being investigated for its links with a former mayor of the northern city of Chiclayo charged with leading a criminal organization.

Igor Garcia, who had been working for Becerril's office for almost six years, was found dead on Tuesday in a vacant lot in the district of Cieneguilla, on the outskirts of Lima, after his disappearance was reported Sunday night.

Garcia had gone on Sunday afternoon to a meeting with his wife and his mother from which he left alone and at dawn.

On the same Monday, when his family filed a complaint about his disappearance, Becerril informed the Human Resources Office of the Congress that he had dismissed Garcia as an advisor.

Later, he indicated in social networks that the cessation had occurred because he was going to relocate to another area of ​​Parliament, but that he had not yet done so because Garcia had requested three days of leave before joining his new position.

Becerril also told reporters that the body of his adviser showed signs of beatings and violence and blamed it on the crime, which in his opinion rampant because of the "inactivity" of the Government.

However, the autopsy determined that the death was caused by cerebral edema and other pulmonary edema accompanied by hemorrhage, according to the Peru 21 newspaper.

Congressman Becerril is being investigated by the Prosecutor's Office for allegedly soliciting bribes to build a luxurious home in the northern city of Chiclayo.

The latest inquiries made by prosecutor Juan Carrasco indicate that the legislator had several meetings with the then mayor of Chiclayo, David Cornejo, who is in pre-trial detention for 36 months for allegedly leading a criminal organization dedicated to corruption.

In previous months, the influence that Becerril intended to exercise on the members of the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM), which was deactivated after a great scandal of judicial corruption was unleashed, was discovered.

Becerril has also been linked to businessman Edwin Oviedo, former president of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), who is currently in prison while being investigated for his alleged links to a criminal gang that killed two trade unionists from one of his companies. .


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