Peru extends its quarantine against COVID-19 until April 26

The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, announced this Wednesday that the quarantine to face the advance of COVID-19 will last until April 26, after registering 4,342 infections nationwide, about 1,388 more than yesterday.

The state of emergency issued in mid-March "extends until Sunday, April 26, and with this we will guarantee that the effort that all Peruvians are making can be sustained and sustained in the future," Vizcarra said in a presentation at the Palacio of government.

The quarantine, with national immobilization and curfew, had already been previously extended and was due to end on Sunday, April 12, when it is estimated that the contagion curve will be near its peak in Peru.

The president rejected the possibility that "by bringing forward the culmination of the state of emergency, against which health professionals recommend, we end up reversing the situation."


Vizcarra insisted that it is "essential to have to extend this state of emergency for two weeks", after receiving the information from various sectors and experts, as well as progress in sampling cases throughout the country.

In just two days, Peru has doubled the tests carried out since the start of the crisis and went from 21,000 samples to 39,599, between molecular and rapid analyzes, of which 4,342 positive and 35,257 negative cases have been reported, the Peruvian president reported.

In this sense, the number of positives registered today, the highest since the virus came to the country, remains in proportion to the number of tests carried out.

"There is a significant increase that doubles the samples, we are going to increase to a larger sample, we are going to have more located the virus and how it moves, how it has been distributed to various regions," said the president.

The number of deceased rose to 121, fourteen more than yesterday, according to the daily report of the Ministry of Health.


The Minister of Health, Víctor Zamora, remarked that the country's objective is to carry out 12,000 daily tests, combined with molecular and serological tests, regardless of the region, although he recognized that Lima has the highest number for having the highest number of positive cases. (3,016 cases).

Of the total number of patients with the virus, 512 are hospitalized, 113 of whom are in Intensive Care Units with the help of mechanical ventilation.

Among the regions with the highest number of infections is Callao, neighboring Lima, with 320 cases; the Amazon of Loreto, with 290, followed by the northern ones of Lambayeque (246) and La Libertad (82).


On the other hand, before the claims of the lack of assistance to the native communities of the Amazon in this emergency, Vizcarra said that "it is not indifference at all, but difficulties with a country of difficult access and very extensive."

"The native communities are obviously in our thinking and are part of our concern, but the remoteness and difficulty in reaching them is delaying our attention," he added, after reporting that his aid has been coordinated with the Ministry of Culture.

The Peruvian president confirmed that more than a million vulnerable households have received the 380 soles voucher (just over $ 100) to ensure their food during quarantine, out of a total of 3.5 million households selected to receive this aid.


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