Persecution in San Juan during the filming of Jennifer López's film

The rehearsal of a frenetic scene carried out by Jennifer López's double in the San Juan neighborhood was the beginning of the filming plan for the film 'The Mother' that began yesterday in the capital of Gran Canaria and will continue throughout the month of January. A technically complex chase in a single shot that extended through the Guzmán El Bueno passage, the downtown highway and the intersection with Ramón y Cajal street.

A chase down the stairs of Guzmán El Bueno street in the San Juan neighborhood, repeated all day yesterday by a group of specialists, were the first moments of the work plan of the film The Mother, the great Netflix production that It began in the capital of Gran Canaria.

It was not the filming of a scene itself, but the prior preparation by the technical team of a shot that will take place at the end of the month. Therefore, none of the actors in this super production were yesterday in that area of ​​the capital of Gran Canaria. Far from it was Jennifer Lopez, that landed on the island last Tuesday afternoon and stays in the south.


First day of rehearsal of the filming of the movie 'The Mother'
Andres Cruz

Shortly after, this time officially, a scene was filmed at the other end of the city, in the Ladera Alta dairy farm, next to Los Giles. But the complexity of the scene described above led to a whole deployment of professionals in the area from early in the morning. Thus, at around 7:00 a.m., a collapse had already formed in the traffic of cars through the access of the street and the Ramón y Cajal junction and the entire part of the downtown highway, which crosses that area, and that it was occupied by several containers that transported all the equipment.

The specialists rehearsed this wide shot all day yesterday that will be shot at the end of the month


Shortly after, two City Council workers were in charge of making a filter just at the height of the future Museum of Fine Arts of Gran Canaria (former San Martín Hospital), making sure that only the production company's vehicles passed and informing the neighbors of what was happening who came to their homes or places of work to whom they kindly asked to change their itinerary wherever they went.

Another control was located at the end of the street with other officials just before reaching the four vans from which the production company staff took the filming material and placed them along Guzmán el Bueno street, which is rather more Well, it is a passage in the shape of an «L» whose final part is a staircase adjoining the facade of the old hospital and which extends to the hermitage of the neighborhood. The specialists rehearsed the scene continuously preparing any detail so that on the day of filming they would be as good as possible distributing the material to have everything well prepared. The work lasted until around 5:00 p.m., at which point they had to abandon filming because they no longer had enough sunlight to continue working.

The area was chosen because it reminds of the old part of Havana without the need for large decorations


The film crew has chosen this area of ​​the city because, in certain places, it can perfectly remember some streets of the old part of Havana, without having to place too many sets. The scene of yesterday's persecution was shot by Jennifer López's double in a wide shot that began in the passage itself, went down the downtown highway and ended right on Ramón y Cajal street. The rest of the specialists also shot scenes of motorcycles and jumps and other pirouettes down the stairs, so all kinds of mats were also placed.


Jennifer López filming locations in Gran Canaria
Jose Carlos Guerra

Yesterday, the filming of another scene located in the Ladera Alta dairy farm, together with Los Giles, also began.


The filming area was transformed and conditioned several weeks before filming. The film will be shot in different locations in the capital of Gran Canaria until the end of this month with filming in Alameda de Colón, San Telmo Park, Cairasco, Colón and Pilar Nuevo squares, or Malteses, Muro, Muelle Las Palmas streets. , Bravo Murillo, Perojo, Pedro de Vera, Tomás Morales, Canalejas or Timonel, in the San Cristóbal neighborhood. And many of these areas are already being transformed to have a more Cuban look. For now, the two stars of the film, Jennifer López and Gael García Bernal, are already on the island.


Display of material in La Pardilla for the filming of Jennifer López's film
Juan Castro

The movement of the film crew around the city, and the cutting of streets, will therefore be a constant in the coming days.


Jennifer López has already been in the Canary Islands, in Gran Canaria and Tenerife


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