October 28, 2020

Permanent prison for the accused of killing his wife in Tenerife – La Provincia

Section V of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife sentenced the permanent prison of the guilty of murdering his aunt, Rosa María Concepción, in an apartment in the Ofra neighborhood in February last year. The judicial resolution, which was advanced yesterday by Cadena Ser, supports the requests for punishment made a week ago by the delegated prosecutor of gender violence, José Luis Sánchez-Jáuregui, and the lawyer of the Canarian Institute of Equality, Lucrecia Roldán Piñero.

The members of the jury court issued a guilty verdict against Gonzalo S. C., after assessing the different tests practiced at the trial, which took place last week. In this decision, the statement made by the three forensic doctors of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that performed the autopsy on the body was taken into account. The professionals explained that the victim, who was a native of the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces, in La Palma, suffered a violent, agonizing and slow death. In fact, in the days before the death, the woman, who was 60 years old, suffered many important blows.

In addition, the defendant offered different versions of the death of his relative when the national police arrived at the scene of the event and at the first session of the trial. Several witnesses, especially residents of San Andrés and Sauces, said that the man adopted a very violent and dominant attitude towards women, who had a disability of 62 percent.

After the guilty verdict issued by the members of the jury court unanimously, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the lawyer of the popular accusation (the Canarian Institute of Equality) estimated that in the murder the aggravations of alevosía, cruelty, concurred, attack on a very vulnerable person and total disregard of the victim for his status as a woman. After the tests performed at the oral hearing, the author gave Rosa María Concepción numerous blows with her fists, hands and several blunt objects, “regardless of the outcome” of such actions.

The affected person found numerous lesions on her face, chest, abdomen and arms. In addition, he recorded several internal hemorrhages. In fact, when they performed the autopsy, the coroners only found in the stomach the victim’s own blood. The jurors considered that the victim could not resist any resistance, since he was facing up on the bed when he received the successive beatings, hence the aggravating alevosía.

By seven votes to two

By seven votes against two, the jury determined that Gonzalo wanted to kill the victim. But it was not considered proven that both had a relationship, to the extent that no witness reliably corroborated this circumstance, nor were semen remains of the defendant in the vagina or the year of the deceased. Rosa María was a fragile person, with a weak physical constitution, to whom the removal of a tumor prevented her from having a normal development. He had completely lost the vision of one eye and, after a stroke, began to have cognitive impairment.


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