July 9, 2020

"Pericles, prince of shot": Modern madness

Authorship: William Shakespeare. Version: Joaquín Hinojosa Direction: Hernán Gené. Interpreters: Ernesto Arias, Ana Fernandez, Marta Larralde, María Isasi, Oscar de la Fuente, José Troncoso and Hernán Gené. Festival of Mérida. Until July 14, 2019.

Original, hooligan and risky for a festival of masses such as Merida has resulted in this approach to "Pericles, Prince of Tire" that premiered last night at the Roman Theater. Aware of how improbable and hazardous the situations posed in the text of William Shakespeare are, director Hernán Gené has opted to relegate and, to a certain extent, parody the "background" by means of "form". To conceive the function as if it were the rehearsal of a company, directed by himself, which has just been incorporated by an actor (Ernesto Arias) who has to interpret the main character of Pericles is already an intelligent starting point, since that metatheatricality it allows to advance in the development without having to represent it absolutely everything and to reduce the confused displacement of the action by places and so different times. The option is not only admissible in terms of dramatic logic, but is also almost necessary

-Although the text is signed by Shakespeare- so that the spectator of today can follow the argumentative nonsense of the function without disconnecting. But, this is not the greatest finding or the greatest risk assumed by Gené. The right thing to do is to have drawn on all kinds of genres, tones, and codes; not in the same piece, but also, many times, in the same scene! In such a way that the spectator assists quite disconnected to the approach of dramatic situations in which some actors, for example, are expressing themselves under a clown's own language that inevitably moves to laughter while another interacts with them under a paradigm of conceptual lyricism that He gives beauty to his words. The hodgepodge is complicated, although the result – in which an ingenious self-parody of the text and even the job of an actor beats – is sometimes dazzling. Among other things, for the fantastic work of the entire cast.

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