June 14, 2021

Perfect debut for Atlético: beat Granada 6-1

While the spotlights were rightly focused on Luis Suarez, what in 20 minutes he scored two goals and gave another, a Atlético de Madrid imposing, protagonist of a perfect premiere and a total win, opened by Diego Costa, leadered by Joao Felix and executed with determination to devour the Pomegranate (6-1).

He did not even regret the penalty missed by Saúl, nor did he miss Giménez, outside the game due to Covid-19, nor did he feel less prepared than his rival, no matter how much he has done less preseason and still had not competed, nor did he require the presence of Suárez, that the first ball he touched was the attendance of the 4-0 to Llorente and that he scored 5-0 and 6-1, until victory was already indisputable.

They are magnificent symptoms, perhaps still in process and pending confirmation, but they are irrefutable, as much as it was the expected debut of Luis Suárez, sensational, extraordinary, at the height of a scorer of his level, and as was the authoritarian triumph of Atlético, led by Joao Félix, with special help from Correa, and with the indispensable construction of Diego Costa.

Nobody intuited or foresaw a week ago the ownership of Diego Costa in the first game of the new year. Not even that he was still on the template for this course. Expendable for the club, undoubtedly then on the market, it only continues today due to lack of demand. It is the only cause. Or, at least, the main one. PI hear that everything has turned to the point where Morata has come out on loan.

Because the original idea was the march of ’19’. The current one goes through his permanence, with all that that offers Simeone, who has signed Luis Suárez and has Diego Costa, whom has always given an absolute, unalterable confidence, no matter how much his game, his numbers or his goals are incomparable with his long-awaited past.

There is no better answer, more emphatic or more irrefutable, for Costa or for any forward, than goals. In that is the ’19’ between the melancholy of better times and the rebellion of a guy who made history just over five years ago with the rojiblanco team and with Simeone. He insists on the second: the first time was a goal. 1-0.

In it, on the edge of minute 9, the qualities of which The most definitive Atlético emerges in attack: the high pressure, by which a winger, Trippier, won the rejection of the rival defense; the speed, with which Correa received (he won the pulse this week for the starting position on the right wing to Marcos Llorente) and at the same time released the center; and the hit, with the good head of Costa.

Overflowing the play, everything at the first touch, and the definition incontestable, Atlético watched the game from an ideal position, that cost him so much not long ago last season, when taking advantage on the scoreboard seemed at times, perhaps too many, a hieroglyph that required much more determination than he proposed.

This Sunday he had it from the beginning. It was shown by Joao Félix, brilliant, fine, active, daring and groundbreaking, connected with Costa on more occasions than is remembered in almost the entire previous year, apart from the phenomenal attendance that put Correa before 2-0 at the beginning of the second half and apart from the dribbles he did.

And the team showed it on occasions, for football, for offensive forcefulness, for everything that a game contains, and above all for that high pressure that, in his case, when he does it, when he moves to the rival field, marks the differences. .

Not only in attack, where he also had a penalty on Joao Félix that Saúl wasted with a failed shot and with a shot in the most failed rebound even at a quarter of an hour, but also in defense, because when he steals as fast as he did in the first half hour he hardly feels the threat of his opponent, in this case the Pomegranate, who looked a little sideways at Europe, at the decisive duel on Thursday against the Malmoe (Darwin Machis and Soldado were substitutes), and that very little appeared from the other goal, where Oblak is.

There absolutely nothing changes for Atlético’s safety. There he supports a wall. Even when the auction, by Víctor Díaz, is within the small area and without opposition … Except his. Attentive, with that pinpoint placement to always be in the right place at the right time, he repelled it with his hands. A key stop.

The center, sensational, was put by Luis Milla, on which the growth of Granada circulated. It was nothing more apparent. His step forward was as substantial in development, as fleeting and insubstantial in the key aspect, in the opposite area, apart from the fact that many times it is not known if Atlético was the one who invited him or he who promoted him.

Everything points to the first, because, as soon as he returned to the scene for the second part, he struck with authority … and talent. Such a play cannot be understood without the precision that Atlético had, with a dozen passes without rival interruption, but also without the ingenuity of Joao, whose center promoted Correa, assistant and scorer, to 2-0.

Atlético was unleashed. Joao Félix rounded off his outstanding game with a 3-0 class, with a cut that left his marker on the ground … And Luis Suárez made his debut. He entered at minute 70:06. He had not even reached the minute on the field, when his first ball suggested Marcos Llorente’s 4-0. And he had not even reached the quarter of an hour, when he headed the 5-0. He still made it 6-1. A phenomenon.

Data sheet

6 – Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Felipe, Lodi; Correa (Vitolo, d. 77), Koke (Lemar, d. 77), Saúl, Carrasco (Thomas, d. 70); Joao Félix (Marcos Llorente, m. 70), Diego Costa (Luis Suárez, m. 70).

one – Pomegranate: Rui Silva; Víctor Díaz, Domingos Duarte, Vallejo, Foulquier; Ramón Azeez, Luis Milla (Fede Vico, m. 70), Yangel Herrera (Yan Eteki, m. 70); Antonio Puertas (Darwin Machis, m. 60), Jorge Molina and Kenedy (Alberto Soro, m. 60).

Goals: 1-0, m. 9: Diego Costa heads a Correa cross. 2-0, m. 48: Correa finishes off an assist from Joao Félix. 3-0, m. 65: Joao Félix, after a cut. 4-0, m. 70: Marcos Llorente, passed by Luis Suárez. 5-0, m. 85: Suárez heads a center from Llorente. 5-1, m. 86: Jorge Molina, after a rejection. 6-1, m. 90: Luis Suárez clinches after a rejection.

Referee: Estrada Fernández (C. Catalán). He admonished the locals Joao Félix (d. 26), Saúl (m. 58) and Thomas (d. 74) and the visitor Domingos Duarte (d. 16).

Incidents: match corresponding to the third day of The league Santander played at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium without an audience.


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