Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Perception and visual memory, axis of the workshop of photographer Jos Coyote - La Provincia

Perception and visual memory, axis of the workshop of photographer Jos Coyote - La Provincia

Perception and visual memory. An interior look is the title of the workshop that will be given from April 23 by the artist José Coyote (José Hernández Artiles) in the Casa-Leon and Castle Museum of Telde.

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Light Y perception are the central themes of some sessions that will continue until the 26th of the same month, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, in a free activity prior registration and that will take place in the aforementioned museum center dependent on the Ministry of Culture of the Gran Canaria Cabildo. Those interested in this workshop may formalize their registration from Monday 15 to Tuesday 23 April, at the Leon-Castillo House-Museum (León and Castillo Street, 43-45, Telde), by phone 928 691 377 and by email: [email protected]

The museum center located in Telde directs this initiative to a public of legal age, with a maximum capacity of 30 persons. Its auditorium and its central patio will be the spaces where Coyote will teach his classes, oriented around the photographer's relationship with light.

Thus, a visual workshop is proposed in which students can learn to relate to light and interpret it: both in the section technical as in the emotional. In this activity, the framing or the point of view lose relevance, as factors that can isolate the individual in the capacity to encorse reality within a specific format. Yes, it will incite instead to make participants participate in the process under which their brain works, understand it and return it to its reality of color, shapes, volumes, textures or memories.

The objective pursued is to promote an internal dialogue with these brain impulses to finally be able to represent them and write them with light. In this way, visual language is promoted as the motor of communication, from stimulation to simple representation.

To this end, new techniques and approaches are approached in the context of the didactics of photography. In this way, the attending students can also to play with the writing of Japanese Haiku, with the Kanji pictograms and the jukugo, the combination of those kanjis.

The purpose of this activity will be to oppose this form of communication with Western language, to discover the abstraction and the mechanisms that we use to fill gaps in communication. In addition, and in the same line, the workshop will address the concept of perception from gestalt psychology of the early twentieth century to reach the current neuroscience. Subjects that finally connect with the perception of the image and the vocation of portraying it on camera.

Everything, to relate and link photography, perception, light and interior looks. The last day of the activity, the students and the teacher will make an exterior exit to contemplate and interpret the reality, the look, and translate it into images and memories.

José Coyote

José Coyote (José Hernández Artiles) is a photographer and professional cameraman, and a teacher with a wide range of courses and didactic activities (including different calls made by the Museums Service centers of the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria). Multimedia artist, Coyote has been a promoter of the firm La Camarógrafa and has worked in the public and private field in the fields of photography, video, advertising, decoration, lighting, virtual reality, infographics, the web and the multimedia environments. He has also made different documentaries in the Canary Islands and South America, and his works have been exhibited in Arco (Madrid) or the Atlantic Center of Modern Art (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), among other spaces.


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