Pepsi buys Rockstar energy drink maker for $ 3.850 million

The soft drink giant PepsiCo announced on Wednesday that it reached an agreement to buy for 3,850 million dollars the manufacturer of energy drinks Rockstar Energy, in a move to expand its market to such products.

In a statement, Pepsi said this “strategic purchase” will allow it to take advantage of the company's capabilities to accelerate Rockstar's performance and expand into the energy drinks market with existing brands such as Mountain Dew, also owned by Pepsi.

The president and chief executive of PepsiCo, Ramón Laguarta, said in the note that they hope to monopolize a relevant share in a market of "such rapid growth" and that he described as "highly profitable", and also opted to create new "significant partnerships in the space of energy drinks ”.

This is the first major agreement led by Laguarta since taking office in 2018.

The president of Pepsi said the company works to be "more consumer-centric" and thus capitalize on the increase in demand in the beverage market.

The founder of Rockstar, Russ Weiner, the first brand that launched the energy drink in 16 fluid ounces (almost half a liter) format, said that Pepsi shares the competing spirit of his firm and will invest in the growth of the brand, so He is proud to have changed “the game” in the energy concoction market, currently dominated by the European brands Monster and Red Bull.

In recent years, both Pepsi and its main competitor, Coca Cola, have worked to expand their markets beyond soda and have gradually penetrated teas, coffee and energy drinks, with an eye towards offering products healthier, with less sugar and fewer calories.


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