Pepon Nieto, about Ayuso: “She seemed to be badly medicated”

Pepon Nieto was one of the guests of La Roca, the program of The sixth that every weekend presents Nuria Roca, and there he talked about the series that is ending its tour of Antenna 3 without pain nor glory: the tenth season of Paco’s men. But without a doubt, the most interesting are the statements he released about Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the current president of the Madrid’s community.

It’s a mathematical phenomenon, it’s mind-boggling. It surprised me a lot, because it looked like an octopus in a garage “, the interpreter began to refer to it. He also added that” it seemed that the PP He was very clear that the community was not going to win and in the end everything fit in with them. “But the most striking thing was what he said later.

“At first, Ayuso said true atrocities, like that jam in Madrid It was wonderful, about the children’s pizzas … Peculiar things. He was a person who it even gave the feeling that she was under medicated. He did very strange things. That nothing is wrong, that I have also been badly medicated, but I have not presided over the Community of Madrid “. But now she is surprised at how delighted people are with her:”she is an aunt who likes very much. He has a lot of personality, he does politics in a different way. “A reflection that was applauded and criticized in equal parts on social networks.


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