Pepephone eliminates the permanence of its fixed Internet services

Pepephone eliminates the permanence of its fixed Internet services


Pepephone, brand of the MásMóvil group, has eliminated this 12-month stay on Friday that required to hire for free their Internet services at home, with what the operator suppresses the only commitment of permanence that currently included their rates, according to the company announced on its blog.

«Today we take a new step in Pepephone. From now on, we eliminate the permanence in our Internet services at home. By not having permanence in our mobile rates and eliminate the optional permanence of the fiber, we eliminate any possible ties. We want you to choose us freely, "remarks the operator.

Pepephone offered up to now the discharge and the installation of its fiber offer without any cost in exchange for a stay of 12 months, although it also gave the possibility of registering without commitment of permanence paying the cost of it, which was currently of 90 euros.

The company emphasizes that the suppression of these conditions means "the end of the stay in Pepephone", as has been reflected in its principles. «As of today, principle 5 will say the following: There is no commitment to stay, neither in Mobile nor in Fibra. Neither do you have to pay installation or installation costs. We want a client to be left alone if he is happy with the service, "he says.

He also explained that until now they had not carried out this measure because installing the Internet service at home means "very high costs" for the company and, being a small operator, "if a client leaves soon, he loses money. » However, he affirms that the relationship they want to have with the client is "trustworthy and not compromise" and trusts that if he does it well, he will continue with Pepephone.


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