May 26, 2020

Pepe Reina's Twitter. The athletes who defend him from Rufián

"How sad that they link you with a certain political option and they cross you to stamp the flag of your country. That's how we are", he wrote in defense of Pepe Reina, lfonso Reyes, former basketball player and president of the Association of basketball players.

Pepe Reina has been the protagonist for putting a tweet after the electoral debate and ensuring that he had already decided his vote. He was accompanied by a flag of Spain. He didn't say anything else, he didn't name any party, but in the networks many associated him with Vox and Gabriel Rufián entered the rag asking for more Eric Cantona and less Pepe Reina.

He has not been the only one. Also the former goalkeeper Toni Doblas has defended Pepe Reina from the attacks: There is no political party with which I feel 100% identified. I am friends with my friends. To which I defend regardless of their political ideas, race or religion. His name is Pepe Reina or Manolo López, 'says Toni Doblas, a player besides Xerez, Zaragoza, Huesca, FK Khazar Lankaran, HJK Helsinki, Cornellá, Toledo, Delhi Dynamos, Extremadura, San Fernando and Ceres-Negros.

The Sevillian goalkeeper stresses that he is not therefore fascist, that he is "Spanish of Andalusia or Andalusian of Spain", "son of housewife and tiler; of lefts by inheritance and customs, but not from the current left that negotiates with independentistas, terrorists or anyone who wants to divide or fuck my country", after what concludes with a postscript: 'no vote'.

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