July 6, 2020

Pepe Reina, on the tweets of the independentists: “They are vomits”

The Spanish goalkeeper gave his opinion on Clara Ponsatí’s tweet

In addition to confessing that he had gone through the coronavirus, Pepe Reina, in the interview at Cope, spoke about the famous tweet by Clara Ponsatí, which he later repented, assuring that from Madrid to heaven, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, while the hospitals couldn’t do more. “The woodcut was put to himself because they are vomiting and despicable gestures“assured Pepe Reina with a live voice on the radio.

Already on Twitter, the doorman had been very clear about what he thought of that tweet: You have to be hp, “he wrote indignantly on the social network, very angry. Now, over time, he was calmer and was looking for calm and tranquility, because, he thinks, this is not the time to sow discord but rather to look for meeting points. Pepe Reina considers that it is not necessary to comment much on those tweets because whoever writes them already defines himself: “Those kinds of details speak for themselves. Now you have to twitch as little as possible and be more united. We are a country of race ”.

Despite being playing at Aston Villa and developing a large part of his career abroad, Pepe Reina is very attentive to what is happening in Spain and does not hesitate to comment on it on social media. It does not avoid controversy and it is not very difficult to discover which party is close or at least, which political parties are farthest away.

Reina became one of the symbols of Spain champion of everything in football, despite the fact that the ownership of Iker Casillas prevented him from being a starter. But his ability to create good vibes in the dressing room, to unite the group in the same objective and his leadership later, at the time of the celebrations, made him one of the most visible faces of Spanish success.


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